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21st March 2009, 07:18 PM

I have a 17" MacBook Pro (2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo/4 Gb/254 Mb VRAM/160 Gb HD) which I've been on the verge of advertising for a while now, but the LCD has just packed it in and I've been quoted $1300 from the Apple Store in Chatswood to have the LCD replaced.

Otherwise the unit is in excellent condition. I use it mainly for work and have a Cinema display connected to it, so the short-term lack on an LCD isn't a killer for me.

I'm interested in opinions on what people think it might be worth broken (if there is such a market), so as to decide whether to sell it as is, or get the display fixed first.


21st March 2009, 10:33 PM
Possibly a DIY fix LCD Replacements - MacBook Pro 17 - MacBook Pro 17" Core 2 Duo LCD Panels - MacFixit Australia Store (http://www.macfixit.com.au/shop/index.php?_a=viewCat&catId=134&sort_by=price&sort_order=low)

What exactly is wrong with the LCD? Is it the panel itself or the backlight?
Is it a problem with the LCD inverter or logicboard?
If it is just the panel I would attempt to fix it myself.

21st March 2009, 11:06 PM
Possibly a good option, but how can I confirm that's it's the LCD panel, rather than the backlight, inverter or possibly even the logic board? The diagnosis was made at the Chatswood Store Genius Bar after testing that the nVidia Chipset was OK on the logic board. I wasn't given any specific information on LCD panel vs. backlight vs. inverter.

The logic board seems unlikely, as the laptop is flawless via a connected Cinema Display. Sometimes the LCD display works (fairly rare). The rest of the time if I look "down" at the display I can see a change in the "black level" of the display when pressing the brightness keys.

<$430 is enticing, But I'd like to know that it is definitely the LCD panel first.


22nd March 2009, 12:20 AM
if you want to sell, i would be more than happy to grab it off your hands. im looking for one, with a good logic board, as i want to use it for a personal project (project: mobile desktop/ miniature HTPC)

22nd March 2009, 08:59 AM
Can you see any image on the LCD screen at all, such as when you shine a torch at it?

It could be that just your LCD inverter board is toast. Without knowing what the exact problem is with your Macbook Pro, if I were in your position I would try this first. $50 seems a reasonable amount of money to gamble on getting it working again. If it doesn't work, then at least you tried.
MacBook Pro 17" Inverter Board Assembly &nbsp - Powerbook Medic (http://www.powerbookmedic.com/xcart1/product.php?productid=17112)

22nd March 2009, 09:45 AM
Yes, I suspect either the inverter board, or the LCD panel (or associated cabling).

Unfortunately I don't have enough information to be able to diagnose the exact cause. I've tried the torch trick, no display, so that along with the Apple logo illuminating (and changing with brightness controls) suggests that it's not the backlight.

I have the service manual, but it just says to replace inverter, display rear panel housing, LCD panel, and finally logic board. Nice if you've got all those components on hand.

But you are right. I'll have to decide whether to take the plunge and spend some money to try and save some money.


22nd March 2009, 03:54 PM
I hope it works out for you before you sell it. Otherwise as I have stated earlier, I am interested.

Shaun R
22nd March 2009, 06:18 PM
You said that occasionally the LCD works, and if you look from above you can see backlights. If that's true, then my guess is it's the actual screen.

However, take this with a grain of salt. I've never dealt with screen stuff... :)