View Full Version : Bluetooth Headset With A Usb Dongle..arghh!

29th May 2005, 05:46 PM

So I bought a Jabra BT200 (http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=U&start=2&q=http://www.jabra.com/JabraCMS/NA/EN/MainMenu/Products/WirelessHeadsets/JabraBT200/JabraBT200&e=10313) Bluetooth headset a while ago, to use with Skype.

Tried to pair it (using both methods), but no luck. I discovered that my $20 BT dongle (which works perfectly with everything else) isn't sufficient for OS X Bluetooth headset use, and you either need the internal Apple module (which obviously you can't get for a DP500MHz G4), or a D-Link DBT-120 rev. B2 or later.

Hmm...so no problem, right? Just buy the DBT-120? Yeah, well umm...try finding one! D-Link are now up to the DBT-122. No problem, I hear you say. Surely if the DBT-120 rev. B2+ is compatible, then the DBT-122 would be? Well, I thought so...so I bought one.

But of course, no luck. It seems the DBT-122 uses a different chipset, which like every other adapter, isn't compatible with Bluetooth headsets under OS X. Because of this, the Apple BT firmware updater doesn't work either.

Whoo! So basically, you need internal BT, or an old superceded adapter that you can't buy new anymore (it seems even Apple are selling the DBT-122, despite advertising otherwise). Sure there's a few 120's on eBay, but they're in the US and don't make any mention of being rev A1/B2/whatever...

IMO Apple should pull their finger out and make OS X work with Bluetooth headsets using any adapter. I'm sure it can't be that hard.

Going to take the 122 back on Saturday (unless someone wants to swap for a 120 rev. B2+ ;)), go back to my trusty Yum Cha $20 dongle, and forget about using a BT headset with Skype. :(


- Febs.