View Full Version : Help cloning a Partitioned harddrive

18th March 2009, 09:59 PM
Can anyone give me a rough step by step guide to transfer everything on a 160gb harddrive with an 80gb Mac Leopard partition & an 80gb Windows Vista partition to a new 320gb drive I am about to install in my early 2008 15" Macbook Pro.(That will be fun too haha) I will be putting the old 160gb drive into an external usb/firewire enclosure. I have downloaded "SuperDuper and Winclone as I think they may be needed. Any help would be appreciated to avoid any nervous breakdowns.

22nd March 2009, 09:58 PM
On the Mac side, just connect the external via Firewire and in SuperDuper tell it to copy the Mac partition to a new partition (of equal or larger size - they don't need to be the same) on the drive in the MacBook. It's very straightforward, you can't really go wrong.

Not familiar with the Windows side, but I imagine it's a very similar process.