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14th March 2009, 11:23 PM

after my white G5 imac has died, Ive decided to go a lappy this time..

looking at either the Aluminium macbook 2.4ghz or the macbook pro 15"

I use alot photoshop, iphoto, nikon capture,web surfing, just wondering if the macbook is enough rather than spend the extra on a Pro...i know any of these will be much faster than my G5 :p

Also wondering if my old programs can be used on the new MB & MBP...like CS2 and word for mac 2004..
Also if I were to buy a lower specs mac, is it easy for a non mechanical person as myself to fit ram hdd??

any pros and cons appreciated.............cheers Tinka:cool:

14th March 2009, 11:25 PM
Also wondering if my old programs can be used on the new MB & MBP...like CS2 and word for mac 2004..
Also if I were to buy a lower specs mac, is it easy for a non mechanical person as myself to fit ram hdd??

Those programs can be used, but they will probably be slower than on a G5 as they are not Universal.

HDDs are very easy to replace, RAM a little less so, but still doable.

14th March 2009, 11:36 PM
I use CS2 (mainly Illustrator and Photoshop) on a white 2.4GHz Macbook (early 2008) with 2GB RAM. Illustrator runs with no problems. Photoshop can slow down a bit if you are running a few other apps and have network activity going on. I tend to shut other things down when I use it and don't really have any problems doing typical photo enhancing stuff. More RAM may help. Can't justify the cost for CS4 for the little irritation I get with CS2 - may be different if I had to use it professionally. I transferred my Word (Office 04?) from my G5 to my macbook and didn't have any performance issues, but for the relatively low cost of the student/home version, I upgraded to the latest version.

14th March 2009, 11:51 PM
Hey! I'd splurge a bit and get the Pro. It'll last you longer, and i feel it is more reliable. It is definitely a desktop replacement! I'd buy office:mac 2008... It is worth the upgrade, and it also runs ALOT better on an intel Mac.. All of your older .doc or .ppt or.xls files will still work. I'd even consider not getting office:mac 2008 but getting iWork instead. iWork is apple's equivalent to Word, Excel, and powerpoint. It takes a week or 2 to get used to, but you will have a better user experience with it! :) Also... You may want to get CS3 or CS4. CS4 for me is a massive upgrade... I only used CS3 for a couple of weeks, but ye - there is a MASSIVE difference! The ram and he HDD in the MB and the MBP are easy to replace. A couple of screwdrivers, and your done. It isn't really harder that that! :)
Enjoy your new Toy. If you have any other questions, one of us helpful Mactalkers will be at your assistance! :)

15th March 2009, 12:33 AM
ahh thanx guys,,,yeah mayb i will get the MBP 2.4ghz...and put in an extra 2MB...I like the screen size of 15"
am planning to sue aperature or lightroom as well, you think 250GB is enough :)

15th March 2009, 12:36 AM
yeah thanx carl....i have heard good things about Pages(iWork), will prob get that too....
as for cs3/4...that will have to wait as MBP is way over my budjet as is, lol

thats awesome
15th March 2009, 03:13 AM
Since you want to use the Adobe suite (or some aps from it) I would also suggest the Pro. The macbook could do all the things you want it to with no little or no problems, however I would think the Macbook Pro would be a smoother machine when you're going to throw a few heavy processes at one time.

I've read on whirlpool that people get 10% off from David Jones and Jb Hi-Fi. I would suggest doing a bit of homework and getting your best price before buying one!

15th March 2009, 10:07 AM
You'll get Firewire 800 on the MBP too which might be useful. The Macbooks don't have this.

15th March 2009, 10:36 AM
I personally prefer the MB. It's cheaper, and the battery lasts longer. The speed of your computer is a function of the clock speed and memory access speed, although with 10.6 the graphics chip may have quite an influence on responsiveness as well. Both the MB and MBP can have very similar spec in these departments. With a MBP you are paying for a larger screen, a better graphics chip, and an expansion slot. If that is worth the $ to you, go for it. But the MB will do the job just as well - the slight difference in processor speed is not going to hinder its ability to get the work done. I'd spend the extra money on the Cinema LED Display instead, and bump up the RAM to 4gb (don't buy the RAM from Apple of course).


15th March 2009, 02:51 PM
i looked on the mac website, if i buy a new mac pro 15", and upgrade from 2gig to 4 gig, it obnly cost an extra $162 student costs,,thats pretty good hey...

15th March 2009, 03:14 PM
ok think i will get 15' MBP, upgrade it to 4 gig...i think i will feel happier of the performance,and the bigger screen, thanks guys

15th March 2009, 03:17 PM
I have the Macbook Pro 15" - I rarely use the dedicated graphics, so it is basically a Macbook with a bigger screen for me. The screen is better than the Macbook though.

15th March 2009, 04:23 PM
Get your RAM elsewhere. I got 4GB of Kingston for my MB for about 80 bucks from MSY.