View Full Version : 1.25ghz 1book freeze issue.

13th March 2009, 12:35 PM
Ibook G4 1.25ghz starts up correctly to finder,however when attempting to run applications or mount DVD/CD's everything will freeze,sometimes immediately other times after being well into an application.
Only way to get it operating again is by force shut down.
Any subsequent restarts will result in the blue screen appearing with no further progress and no cursor present.
The ibook will ,from that point,only successful restart after remaining off for at least 5 minutes,then activity reverts to above problem all over again.
I suspect a problem with the board or joints that,upon warming/heating up,fail to properly connect with the resulting freezing (poor solder joints).
12" Ibook 1.25ghz 10.4.8 (tiger) 768mb (254-fixed+512-stick).
I have checked ram and its seating,works fine in another ibook.
Any helpful advice welcome.