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28th February 2009, 08:30 PM
Hey everyone,

I know it's late on a saturday night but i need some urgent help.

I'm starting to belive iDvd hates me...

whenever I'm starting to make a project, i can import the movie (is there a file style I should use?) then i make all the menus etc this is all fine then when I go to burn in it says something that the disc doesn't have any same and I should use some blank dual dvd??

This is no matter the file size (which is always less then a normal dvd.

what would I be doing wrong??

thanks for the help!

28th February 2009, 09:15 PM
A "normal" DVD stores roughtly 8GB of data after formatting is taken into account, and is a dual layer disc (which I assume is the suggestion it's asking you to use). Single layer writable discs are more common (and cheaper) but only hold about 4.3GB after formatting.

When you say the file size is always less than a normal DVD, which of these sizes are you referring to?

28th February 2009, 09:18 PM
yeah, it's a 4.3GB DVD

28th February 2009, 09:27 PM
Could be possibly a bad batch of blank DVD's. I've had it happen before where the disc is recognised as blank but when I go to burn it it get a "disc full" error. Do you have access to blank DVD's from another manufacturer?

Also, have you tried burning a data DVD just to see if the drive could be going out?