View Full Version : Time Capsule available space not shrinking, is my Time Capsule really backing up?

22nd February 2009, 01:40 PM
Hi there,

I'm having a strange problem with my Time Capsule, the second time this problem has occurred. The space available has been stuck on 422.8 GB for weeks, despite at least four gig being uploaded since the time that it stuck. It makes me think that all that wirelessly uploaded data has not 'taken', the backups are not working, and if I have to restore my computer from my Time Capsule, all that data will be missing.

This problem has happened before. A few months ago (I've had my Time Capsule for over a year) the space available 'stuck' until I turned my Time Capsule off and on, and suddenly the next time I started backing up, my Mac wanted to send ALL the data that had not backed up since the space available stuck. Four gigs uploaded and I could see my space available was no longer frozen and was counting down.

But now it's stuck again. I've tried turning my Time Capsule on and off. I've tried turning off Time Machine, deleting my com.apple.TimeMachine.plist, then making Spotlight reindex my drive, then turning Time Machine on again. But my Time Capsule still has '422.8 GB free'.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? Is there any other solution but throwing Time Capsule out the window and going back to a USB drive?

Thanks in advance.