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24th May 2005, 12:35 AM
For the last couple weeks I've been trying to figure out why I've been unable to host Scrabble games over the internet. I fail with both the direct connection (scrabble to scrabble) and the gameranger method. I would really like to figure this out as I promised my mother who lives in the USA that we'd be able to play scrabble against each other when I moved to Australia.

I'm enrolled with Bigpond and use the speedtouch 530 modem that they gave me. It works fine as far as internet browsing goes. I've got an airport express plugged into the ethernet jack of the Speedtouch. I have 2 powerbooks here at home that wirelessly connect to internet. At first I thought it was my Airport express that needed to have the port forwarding done, so I have forwarded all the ports necessary but I still couldn't host a scrabble game. I finally broke down and called Bigpond and they said while they don't provide instructions on how to do this, it is certainly the Speedtouch modem that needs to have port forwarding set up.

Can anyone here give me detailed instructions on how to set up the port forwarding on the Speedtouch modem?

Or is there a way I can simply turn off the firewall in the speedtouch modem? I really don't need it with the Airport express having it's own firewall do I?



24th May 2005, 07:23 AM
To connect to our moterola 4200i, just typed it's IP address into the browser. It was (I think). So give that a try. Otherwise look in the manual for it's configuration IP address. Hopefully it should have a simple configuration interface that will allow you to forward ports.

EDIT: my bad. I don't know why I thought you said cable. ADSL right?

here is a guide (http://www.portforward.com/alcatel/st530-portforwarding.htm) for forwarding ports on that modem over at portforward.com

You'll have to forward them to the router I guess.
EDIT2: too early.

24th May 2005, 07:55 AM
had the same problem myself
what I did was, first of all open your safari browser and type in the router ip address and you'll get the setup etc

open up the advanced tab
go to NAT
Create a New one
Inside IP: <your computer> Port: <the port you want forwarded>
Outside IP: set this to and Port: <the port you want forwarded>
you have to click Apply and then Save All
and then restart your router and it should be set to go

24th May 2005, 05:16 PM
Thanks for the help. I do believe I&#39;m getting closer to making this work.

Couple questions:

Where do I find the router (Speedtouch modem) ip address? Can I access the speedtouch modem when my airport express is in between modem & computer?

What is the "inside ip address?" Is it the wan address of the aiport express station? Where do I find it?

Thanks again,


25th May 2005, 07:15 AM
go into system preferences -> Network...and double click on the network device you&#39;re using (I believe you said Airport)...double click on that and it&#39;ll have the routers IP address in there

inside IP address is the IP address of the computer you wish to forward the ports to which will be located as "IP address" in the same place as where you found the routers IP


25th May 2005, 07:37 AM
noisypoppy, he wants his modem&#39;s IP address, not his routers. From what I understand, he having no problem logging into his router and configuring it.

walker, if you have the manual that came with the modem it should specify the IP address used. Otherwise, log into the airport express and check it&#39;s WAN address. If the airport express&#39;s WAN address is something like then it would be safe to assume the modem&#39;s IP address is Common IPs used by routers and modems include,,,,

However if it&#39;s the same as the routers IP address, obviously you&#39;re not going to be able to log in. In this case, you&#39;ll have to plug a computer directly into the modem and set a different IP address and different ranges for it&#39;s DHCP (if it has one).

For 100% compatibility and ease of use, I recommend setting IPs like this,
Modem, modem’s DHCP range - (it&#39;s only assigning and IP to the airport express). Extend it if you want…
Router, and router&#39;s DHCP -

That way they are on different networks (semantically) and the modem can be accessed from behind the router whist still being able to access the router.

25th May 2005, 04:28 PM
Thanks for the help guys. I think I may have gotten it to work.


25th May 2005, 04:31 PM
Are you refering to the Telstra Bigpond Home Wireless router? Because I know they use Speedtouch

26th May 2005, 07:45 AM
It&#39;s a speedtouch modem from Telstra. It isn&#39;t wireless but my airport is ;)

16th May 2008, 06:48 AM
I'm not sure what the NAT forwarding is about, but de speedtouch modem ip is always 10,0,0,138 (replace comma's with dots). Good luck for anyone who needed this!