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20th May 2005, 01:19 PM
I have an iMac G4 that won't start up. The start up process stalls at the final stage, 'Log-in window starting.' I have booted from a OS 10.3 install disk, run disk utilities and repaired the hard drive, but it still won't boot. I also trie Safe Boot, but it still stalled at the same place. Is there a start-up key combination that will allow me to start up in terminal mode, and perhaps address the issue form the terminal?

Any suggestions will be gratefully embraced!


20th May 2005, 01:57 PM
restart with the command - s keys pressed this will give you single user mode (terminal) i would then go to /users/*your user*/Library/Preferences/ and delete (rm then file name) the 'com.apple.loginwindow.plist' & 'com.apple.finder.plist' & 'com.apple.LaunchServices.plist' files (rm *file name*).

if this doesn't work it is likely to be one of the other preferences files. You could also run fsck while your in terminal.

see how that goes then get back to us. there are heaps more things to try

20th May 2005, 03:28 PM
Tried the above suggestions with no success. I can boot it in Target Disk mode and mount the hard disk on my iBooks' desktop. Does this provide any additional repair possibilities?

21st May 2005, 09:54 AM
do you have a second user on the computer?

if you can target disk mode it then i suggest moving the preferences folder out of your user library folder and trying again. also it might be worth doing a repair permissions while your there.

do you have anything like diskwarrior?

22nd May 2005, 07:18 PM
Howdy. I'm the unhappy owner of the iMac Botox was talking about. I've taken the thing home, jumped it in single user terminal mode, deleted the Preferences you suggested, changed the name of the directory to 'bob' (hell, why not?), ran fsck (why was that?) and restarted numerous times.

Unfortunately, I left the startup disks at school so I haven't done the reinstall I thought I might do if nothing else works. Maybe that's fortunately, if someone has a suggestion that will help.

I also went into /Library/Preferences and got rid of the com file there. No luck

I noticed something when typing 'exit" at the end of the session to try and reboot. It comes up with a number of error messages, but they fly by so fast I can't read what they say.

Hope someone out there can save me from the time it will take to reinstall the lot.

Omen Too.

22nd May 2005, 07:33 PM
changing the users name like that is dangerous stuff.

PM me and i will work through it with you.