View Full Version : Wallstreet Powerbook And 10.3.9

19th May 2005, 10:47 AM

A while back I picked up "Mainstreet" Powerbook G3 which I thought would be a good machine for my parent's travels around Australia. It wasn't a bad machine in terms of performance under OS 9.1, but the DSTN screen was awful - washed out and hard to make anything out.

Fast forward to a few days ago, I found a cheap Wallstreet revision 2 at Cash Converters, stock config 233Mhz/512K cache, 4GB HD, 64MB RAM. But the screen ... 14.1" of Powerbook quality, just as comparable to anything around now and much clearer and brighter than any iBook's.

I took a punt and bought the machine - it apparently had a 'no battery' but the battery is fine with a PMU reset and reinstall of OS 9.1. It had no power supply, but I had a new one with the old Mainstreet Powerbook.

Since then, I've done the following upgrades (cost: nil):

- Overclocked 233 @ 300Mhz, cache 150Mhz
- Installed 2 x 128MB RAM SO-Dimms = 256MB, just enough for OS X (it's not as if my parents will be running multiple programs at once)
- Installed 20GB HD (partitioned 8GB for boot + 12GB, otherwise OS X won't install)
- Found a PCMCIA 2 x firewire port card

OS X 10.3.9, with the help of XPostFacto, is surprisingly usable and responsive. Video performance suffers as it is not supported, however I've come across of a hack by inserting the 10.2.5 ATI Rage Pro driver, whic results in much smoother video. I also now have two batteries, which can both be installed at once, getting a total of six hours of battery life!

All in all, this Wallstreet Powerbook has become one of my favourite Macs - not just because of it's screen, but it's rock solid design and how well a six year old Mac can run recent software.

Has anyone else has similar success with their old Powerbooks - be it Wallstreet/Lombard/Pismo models?