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5th June 2004, 05:24 PM
WARNING: This is a ramble, if you don't want to read crap and someones jibberish then don't.

As previously discussed in another topic area, I had worked in a bar/nightclub once where on some occasions we would server some louts water instead of vodka....it was on the house, so we weren't ripping people off.

You'd see some people drunk off their heads. Same as seeing some teenies at a Rave, popping panadol and having fits in the dance club.

Funny how all this bullshit is in your head. It makes me think of other things associated with it. Such as being able to pick up a car, standing on a leaf on the end of a tree. Or just in general, looking at things throughout life in a different way.

I say all this because of my own changes I have gone through. As most members here and on the IRC channel know. I was involved in a huge accident that basially made me lose everything...I emphasise EVERYTHING...house, car, motorbike, job, everything I ever owned pretty much. But since then have rebuilt my life...still in the process. But I look at things different. Sort of like the glass is half full principal, except me and my unconventional, logical thinking, I say the glass is half empty if its being emptied, if its being filled its half full. Its really just sitting half way...seeing as the glass is completely empty before filling, its actually full....of air. So by half filling the glass, it still remains full...half full of water and half full of air.

This sort of thinking, I believe goes right down the path of how ones mind finds solutions. and generally looks at things.

This is not going to go along the lines of the Matrix..more along the lines of just the way we have been brought up...not with our parents. just society..setting limitations. Galileo Galilei found planets through a telescope most $20 binoculars can compete with today....I look through my telescope these days at objects you will never see with your naked eye. and because of that. you would not think it exists. maybe air doesn't exist?

The war in Iraq...that could all be rubbish (in my opinion it is). The only info we see regarding it is news...who gets the footage? they do, from where...the Govt. You can only judge what you see but is what you see correct?

Its all misleading and much the same throughout life. When a giving birth to a baby by water birthing methods, its funny how the baby knows to swim instantly. Yet in a documentry I saw once, that same baby they showed later in life, could not swim at all.. was it because of this near death experience he had that prevents him from entering the water or that he has been taught not to go near the pool because he could drown? Maybe he can swim all this time.

I could not swim till I was 9 when I was thrown in to a pool by my eldest brother who did not know I could not swim...I had never met him till I was that same age. Before then, I always held onto the edge. letting go and seeing that I sank, quickly grabbing the side of the pool again. But this time there was no side of the pool to grab. I swam. WOW! I was so happy I did not get out the pool for hours...infact until it was the next morning...I slept well that day.

But maybe I knew how to swim all along. And it was the messages put in my head all those years..."you could drown and die in the pool"

Makes you think...no?


8th June 2004, 08:59 PM
Shit Steve, my brain just exploded.

Can swim if my life depended on it, but never gracefully. Don't know why I bothered to say that BTW.

And the media, well you of course can't trust it. Especially a lot of footage coming from Iraq ... remember the footage of Arabs celebrating the bombing of WTC on Sept 11? There is much more such as that, in fact bloody hundreds of instances!


8th June 2004, 10:46 PM
Nice rant. It's always a pleasure to find one of those souls who sees with more than their eyes.

Reality is where you find it.

Tell it like it is, not like it looks, I say. :)

9th June 2004, 10:06 AM
comforting to know that some people understand me.


9th June 2004, 10:34 PM
Hey, when you meet a fellow traveller, it pays to walk a mile or two in their shadow, with your ears and eyes open. :P

10th June 2004, 01:52 AM
i consider myself quite the little thinker, and it seems you do too!
nice to see an alternate (from the 'norm', whatever that is) view on things. alternate views are our only hope.