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19th January 2009, 07:49 PM
I'm trying to do a backup, through Backup. When I put a disk in to burn, it gets spit out after a couple of minutes with an error message, "There was a problem burning this disc. The burn failed because of a medium write error."

Now, I did a search for the problem on the interwebs, and got a fix that involved languages of all things, and it worked. Once. Does anyone else have this problem? Is the drive buggered?

Cheers! Dean

19th January 2009, 09:00 PM
A media write error can be one of two things:
- cheap, substandard media (possible fix: try a quality brand, such as Verbatim), or
- your drive's write-laser is dying.

If the drive is a slimline slot-loader, such as found in modern iMacs and laptops, and you have been burning a lot of disks at full speed for more than a couple of months, then the chances are higher that it is your drive on its last legs. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with slimline slotload burners.

If you do a lot of disc burning, it is a smart investment to buy a 5.25" FireWire drive box (Welland make a nice one for about $70) into which you pop a big-standard, full sized DVD burner for $20-30. The bg drives last longer, and are faster, and if it dies you're up for another $20-30 replacement, as opposed to the $180+labour to have your internal slimline drive replaced.