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9th January 2009, 08:34 PM
Hi all,
Wondering if someone is able to assist please.

I've been dabbling (as a hobby) in videos and editing for a while now and for the past few years have video'ed and edited our local primary school musical (held every 2nd year). Using a couple of cameras I then edit it up and we burn it to DVD and sell it as a fundraiser. The last couple I've done using PC's and a program called Sony Vegas.
About this time last year I moved across to Apple and a few months ago it was time to go thru the excersise again. I've editted it up this time in Final Cut Express but my problem now is getting the files down to a size that can be put onto standard DVD's - as I did easily in the past.
As usual there are 2 files to be created - Act 1 and Act 2, each around an hour in length. This is as I have done in the past and, as stated, Vegas spat them out in a size I could burn but FCE puts out MOV files around 16G each. I also have access to Premier Pro CS4 for MAC and a similar problem occurs there.
Questions: Is this an Apple specific problem and/or can anyone suggest settings or other that will get these final files down? - PLEASE HELP, we have already taken orders for the DVD's for delivery first week back next year!!
Any assistance greatly appreciated :)

9th January 2009, 09:15 PM
Do you have iDVD on your Mac? Final Cut Express doesn't burn DVD's so the .mov files you're creating need to be dropped onto iDVD or another similar DVD burning program. From there iDVD will encode (and compress) to mpeg-2 (the DVD standard format) and should then fit it onto a DVD. If you burn both acts onto the one DVD you'll need to drag them both onto iDVD, create your menu's etc. and then burn. Remember though that there is a limit to what you can compress onto one DVD. Normal blank DVD's are single layer, whereas the movies you buy are on Dual Layer DVD's hence they can fit more hours of video on them.

This is all assuming that you want to create a standard DVD playable in any DVD player - using formats such as Mpeg-4 and DivX you can compress movies even further, but they won't play on your standard player.

9th January 2009, 09:38 PM
Does iDVD let you choose quality settings these days? Whatever version that came with my eMac in 2004 could ONLY fit 2 hours of video onto a blank DVD... though I thought that changed soon thereafter, allowing you to lower the quality level, and thus fit more on...

If you had Final Cut Studio it has an app that you use after editing the software, called "Compressor", that allows you to take the video files and decide exactly how high or low quality you want the DVD to be... Next time... :)

9th January 2009, 11:17 PM
Yes iDVD has a maximum of 2 hours still. Apparently you can set the disk type to dual layer and create a DL 'disk image' which will hold about 3.5 hours. Then if you have Toast or another app that compresses non-protected DL DVD's onto a single layer disk you will be able to compress it even further and get those 3.5 hours onto a normal DVD.

10th January 2009, 05:36 AM
Thanks guys,
Yes I should be able to either do it on 1 DVD with iDVD, create a DL and then Toast it back down or (worst case scenario), create 2 DVD's for each buyer with 1 act on each.

Thanks for your help,