View Full Version : Panther/tiger Network Share Disconnect Hangs

15th May 2005, 02:39 PM
Ok, this is prolly the only thing with OSX that seriously pisses me off. It may well be my fault...

When I connect the iBook to a Windows share on a 2K or XP box, if the machine is slept or network status changes without manually disconnecting from the share, the machine sites there for about 2 minutes usually and pin wheels... they you get a prompt to disconnect, so you click disconnect and the fuc|<ing sits there pinwheeling for upto another 3-4 minutes and you cant do shit with the machine.

Perhaps this is some attempt by the OS coders to re-establish connections when they are lost, but it takes less time to re-establish the bloody thing manually than it takes to recover from the pin wheeling bloody lockup....

Does anyone have ay idea why this is ? My machine is a vanilla install of tiger and my old machine was a vanilla install of panther..