View Full Version : Photo Printers Vs Store Printing - Cost & Quality?

14th May 2005, 06:16 PM
OK - so 9 months ago I dished out $450 for my Epson RX-510 MFP photo printer - with big plans of printing out masses of photos of my new-born son. At that time, to print photos from a store would cost 45-50 cents.....my RX-510 was cheaper to run and more convenient.......very happy. Now, 9 months later Big W is doing prints for 20c and Harvey Norman for 33c - I can't buy the paper for that!

Apart from the 'instant' convenient factor of home printing and it (probably) still being cheaper to print enlargements at home, it would seem that my photo printer is a bit a white elephant. Why would I print my 10x15 photos from home when I can chuck them all on a card/CD and print them cheaper from any number (and growing) of stores?

OR - is the quality of a store printed photo inferior to that of my home prints - ie - thinner paper or inks that will fade quicker?

What do other people think about it all? Anyone else feeling as frustrated....or am I whinging about nothing?

Let me know your thoughts!


14th May 2005, 06:44 PM
have you also thought about the cost of ink? im sure bigw would be cheaper and i dont think they are too bad, they use agfa i think. You think you have it bad, i have a kodak PD600 which costs $40 for 40 sheets of paper :S :angry:

14th May 2005, 08:45 PM
Personally I think it is inevitable that the price of photos printed in bulk at a shop, will continue to drop; and am not surprised it is cheaper to do that than to print small amounts in the home.

Think of the higher cost of printing at home as a premium you pay to have more control over what you print.

e.g. I have a Canon i865. I can print onto CDRs (directly, or via a stick on label)—it would be inconvenient to do that at a shop! Same with iron-on transfers etc.


14th May 2005, 09:26 PM
Printing directly to CD....yes, something my printer won't do and I won't do stick on labels.......shudder at the thought of sticking a stick on label in my slot-loading powerbook......

When I first bought my printer ink was $22-25 per cartridge......now its down to $15 at Big W.....all can hope for is that it will continue to drop......