View Full Version : Reducing pic file size in Photoshop and Image Ready

19th December 2008, 09:53 PM
Hi, I have some pic files e.g. 70Mb and I need to get an image of them for web viewing (72dpi right?).

I have Photoshop which seems to have Image Ready incorporated. (Which it seems to keep defaulting to - is Image Ready worthwhile? It seems just a repeat of PS.)

What is the most simple way to do this?

I'm aware of the PS 'save to web' feature but it just reduces the 70Mb to 4Mb or something similar.

I have really only used PS for basic touch ups so don't have any real expertise (and I don't understand the relationships of image/file size to pixels, dpi etc).

TIA, Grahame

19th December 2008, 10:43 PM
I don't know if there is a quick way to do this, but in Photoshop (CS2) I usually open the file and select image size from the image menu item. Make sure you tick the resample box at the bottom and play with both the resolution (72dpi for web or screen display), plus pixel dimensions based on the amount of screen room you want to the image to take up - use your display's screen resolution as a guide - eg, my MacBook's display is 1200x800 pixels - any image bigger than this will have to be scrolled around. Then save the file as a jpeg with the appropriate quality setting. At 70Mb it must be quite a large image (physical dimensions). Have a think about how big you want it to be on the screen - eg do you want to be able to view the whole image without scrolling?

20th December 2008, 11:50 PM
Resize it in save for web or in photoshop before you send it to save for web.