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12th May 2005, 08:17 PM
Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts

I want to write an article for AppleTalk containing heaps of cool keyboard shortcuts. It is totally possible to use OS X without touching the mouse, and it is much more efficient to do so. Since there is a lot of the interface which is undocumented, new users are probably doing things the long way without even knowing it.

OS X is a beautifully constructed interface, which I fly around. This thread should help you navigate and work at the same speed - but remember, you can use your initiative and seek out the keyboard shortcuts yourself. Look in the menus and in the Keyboard system preferences pane. Make an effort to use the shortcuts, and it'll eventually come naturally.

This thread is for keyboard shortcuts only. Please, no tips or general discussion in this thread - just keyboard shortcuts. OS X Tips thread (albeit containing many shortcuts) is at http://forums.appletalk.com.au/index.php?showtopic=79

When there is a good collection in this thread, I'll turn it into an AppleTalk article. Thanks for ya help! Here are my favourite shortcuts:

Finder Navigation
Command N - New Finder window
Command Down - Open File/Folder
Command Up - Navigate to parent
Command Left/Right - In List view, this will Expand/Hide the contents of a folder
Command Option Left/Right - Expand contents and nested subfolder contents
Command Shift H - Jump to your Home folder
Command Shift A - Jump to your Applications folder
Command Shift U - Jump to your Utilities folder
Command Shift K - Jump to the Network browser
Command Shift G - Goto Folder...
Command 1 - View as Icons
Command 2 - View as List
Command 3 - View as Columns
Letters - Start typing the name of a program/file and you will jump to it
Command Space - Start a Spotlight Search (OS 10.4)
Command Delete - Move file/folder to trash

Application switcher
Command Tab - Bring up the Application Switcher.
While holding Command, you can use the following:
Tab - Cycle Forwards
~ - Cycle Backwards
Shift Tab - Cycle Backwards
Mouse - Can be used to select also
Q - Quit application (very useful)

Command Option * - Turn on Zoom
Command Option + - Zoom In
Command Option - - Zoom Out

Window Management
Command W - Close window
Command Option W - Close all windows
Command M - Minimise window
Command Option M - Minimise all windows
Command H - Hide Application
Command ~ - Cycle through windows for current application
Control F4 - Cycle through every open window

Expose - The ultimate window manager
F9 - Show all open windows on the screen at once
F10 - Show all windows for the current application. Also brings all Application windows to the foreground.
F11 - Shows Desktop
F12 - Activates Dashboard

Navigate Menus and Dock with Keyboard
Control F1 - Turn on Full Keyboard Access
Control F2 - Navigate Menus (use arrow keys)
Control F3 - Navigate the dock (use arrow keys)
Option - Holding option while browsing the menu can reveal hidden/advanced options

Selection - When selecting files or other objects by using the mouse
Shift - Select multiple [files] in a range (List View)
Shift - Add to selection (Icon View)
Command - Select multiple [files] individually

Clipboard - Can also be used to copy files in Finder
Command C - Copy
Command V - Paste
Command X - Cut
Command A - Select All

Command Shift 3 - Capture the screen to a file
Command Ctrl Shift 3 - Capture the screen to the clipboard
Command Shift 4 - Select an area to be captured to a file
Command Ctrl Shift 4 - Select an area to be captured to the clipboard
Command Shift 4, then press Space - Capture entire window

Misc - As yet unfiled...
Command Option Esc - Bring up Force Quit menu
Command Option D - Show/hide the dock
Control Eject - Bring up Shutdown/Sleep/Logout Dialog
Control Command Eject - Immediate Restart
Command Click window title - Display file path
Command Option Control 8 - Invert Screen colours

This is by no means a complete list. Add your own and I'll edit them into this list (thankyou! :) ).

You can of course create your own keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences.

I hope this is the start of an in-depth and useful exploration into keyboard commands. Thanks.


12th May 2005, 08:30 PM
Safari Shortcuts

Command N - Open New Window
Command T - Open New tab
Command L - Highlight Address Bar
Command W - Close Open Window/Tab
Command I - Mail Current ebpage
Command Shift Left Arrow - Move to Next Tab on the Left
Command Shift Right Arrow - Move to Next Tab on the Right
Command Option L - View Downloads Window
Command [ - Move Back a page
Command ] - Move Forward a page
Command D - Add Current Page to Bookmarks
Command Shift B - Show Bookmarks
Command R - Reload Current Webpage
Command . - Stop Loading Current Webpage

soul assasin
12th May 2005, 08:38 PM
Just a quick one I thought of for Screenshots

Command Shift 4 then space - Allows for a certain window(or file etc) to be captured

Will add more when I think of them :)

12th May 2005, 08:41 PM
VERY useful STUFF!
can i just add:
Command + Option + Control + Eject - Shutdown computer without asking showing dialogue box
Command + Control + Eject- Restarts computer without showing the dialogue box.
Command + Option + Eject - Puts computer to sleep without showing dialogue box.
Command + Option + Control + 8 - Makes screen colors invert.
Command + Option + Plus or Minus - Zooms in/ out screen (Zoom must be turned on in Universal Access)

those are the only ones i can think of at the moment.. ill add some more later.