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15th December 2008, 07:05 AM
I have an Intel iMac using 10.5.5 & have recently bought an Airport Extreme to set a wireless network. My multifunction printer, Epson Stylus photo RX650, will print when connected to the Airport from my iMac and laptop but refuses to scan. Any idea how to set it up as a network scanner as well?

15th December 2008, 08:11 AM
You will need to purchase a full USB network server device like Streetwise Australia: Keyspan USB 2.0 Server (2 port) (http://www.streetwise.com.au/product_info.php?products_id=5759). The sofware in the AP is for printing only.

15th December 2008, 09:24 PM
Thanks for your help.
ps Does anyone know if apple are planning a n upgrade for airport extreme to support scanning?

15th December 2008, 10:38 PM
Don't hold your breath