View Full Version : External Hard Disk Boot Lock Disaster!

9th December 2008, 03:07 PM
Hi folks,

I have a 400GB Western Digital external drive.

On Sunday night I deleted the old Time Machine backup file as the drive was getting full.

On Monday evening when I finally got chance to look at my Macbook again, I find the external drive is not recognised - I'm asked if I want to Eject, Ignore or Initialise it.

Disk Utility doesn't recognise the drive - it thinks it's a 2TB drive but all options (like repair) are greyed out.

It dawned on me in the early hours of this morning that when deleting the old TM backup something called the Boot Lock went too. I've deleted TM files before without any problems so maybe that's why I clicked 'okay' to get rid of this thing called the Boot Lock.

Have I killed my drive or can I somehow recover my data (I didn't just use it for Time Machine)?

Thanks in advance for any help.