View Full Version : Anyone had the black plastic back of their iPhone 3G crack? I have!

2nd December 2008, 02:35 PM
Hey guys, I've had my iPhone 3G for a few months now, and noticed a little while ago that when you were looking at the back of the phone, in the top right corner, there was a split in the plastic. I didn't think too much of it, as I was bound to scratch it, or drop it or something, but after a while the split/crack just got bigger and bigger. I also noticed smaller hairline cracks forming near the headphone jack.

Then I dropped my phone, and I don't have any case at all on the phone.

Luckily the only thing damaged was the chrome surround, which had a couple of little dents on it. But, I thought it was probably time to do something about the ever growing crack, but was unsure how it would be dealt with as far as warranty goes, considering there was obvious drop damage on the chrome.

Anyway, I spoke to Virgin (the supplier) and after the guy tried to flick me to my local allphones store, I ended up having them send a package with a form to fill out along with an express courier satchel. A couple days later the package arrived and I popped in my phone and sent it off.

Today (a little over a week later) I recieved a package from Optus. A brand new iPhone! Happy days! Not only didn't they try and get out of repairing it under warranty, it was replaced for me.

Moral of this post.... Apple/Virgin/Optus warranty = Happy days :)

ps. I've got 2 different iPhone cases coming from deal extreme. Been waiting over 3 weeks now though!!