View Full Version : Feedback on Accessories - Hardcase, Applesac, Marware Protection Pack

1st December 2008, 11:10 AM
Hi Guys,

Having just taken delivery of a new MBP 15 inch (2.53, 4GB, 320 5400) Unibody, I'd like some feedback on some accessories I am contemplating.

I'd like to buy:

1. Something to avoid grease marks on the keyboard area and keys
- Invisible Shield? or
- Marware protection pack includes material Keyboard cover and handrest cover (Link to Marware Protection Pack (http://www.marware.com/PRODUCTS/MacBook-Pro/Protection-Pack-Plus-for-MacBook-Pro))
- Any other suggestions?

2. Something to protect exterior of MBP
- Speck See through hard case? (Link to Speck Hard Case (http://www.speckproducts.com/products/seethru/macbook-pro-15-new-black-keys/160))
- Invisible Shield?
- Any other suggestions?

Items I'd also like opinion on are:

3. Applesac (Link to www.applesac.com (http://www.applesac.com)) vs Foofbag (Link to www.foof.com.au (http://www.foof.com.au))
- I understand one is Australian made, one is not, but if there are any experiences in comparing the 2 that would be great (I've searched and read the user opinions already, but couldn't find anything comparing the 2).

4. Booq Folee 2M (vs Anything of comprable quality and size (Boa 3M ?)
Folee 2M : Link to Folee 2M on www.rushfaster.com.au (http://rushfaster.com.au/product.php?pProductID=BOQ-F2M-BLK)
Boa 3M : Link to Boa M Bag on Booq website (http://www.booqbags.com/Laptop-Bags/Boa-case-M)

5. Is there anything else I should contemplate? The MBP will mainly be used at home, but ocassionally be transported in the car to/from work (office) and on the odd ocassion, travelling (usually by air).

Thanks for your help.