View Full Version : Podcasts with firmware 2.2 - (Rant of a podcast junkie)

1st December 2008, 08:34 AM
/Begin Rant

I am Podcasts junkie. At any one time a i have a minimum of 100 new episodes of shows. I was very excited when i heard that the iPhone would now be able to download/stream podcasts by itself over 3G or WiFi. But downloading Podcasts suck and here is why;

Your existing subscriptions aren't on MobileiTunes, you need to search for them or access them via the "Get More Episodes" link in the iPod app.

Podcasts downloaded and watched aren't reflected on iTunes that you sync with on your Mac.

Podcasts downloaded via your iPhone are seen as "Other" data by iTunes on your Mac.

As they're not "seen" by iTunes, episodes that are watched/played aren't automatically deleted from your iPhone.

That's all i have to complain about and there is no need to call a whaaambulance.

Here is a free tip for Apple and they don't need to pay me anything....

buy Podcaster (http://www.nextdayoff.com/)
hack it into MobileiTunes

/End Rant