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SR 7
30th November 2008, 09:12 AM
Ok guys, I am new to this Mac World so to say here So i have a few questions here that would be greatly appreciated.

1) What is the difference btw the Macbook Pro? Macbook? and Macbook Air? Besides the size of hte laptop I dont know the difference at all. I just konw Air is the small tiny one and thats about it.

2) I am coming from a PC so take it easy on this newb loll.

3)What is the difference between the new Pros that are in a silver case as opposed to the white ones that were previous generation I believe just before this October. Any Detailed information would be appreciated from casing to internals to the system itself.

4) I see a Macbook air going for 12xx with 1.6 GHz, 2 gig ram 80 gig HD then a Macbook (the one case ones) i THINK it was a pro with like 2 ghz etc for about 800. Why the big difference especially if its slower? Does the speed matter much on a mac as opposed to a PC b/c from what I understand macs dont do much loading and things just pop up as opposed to the loading process that a PC has. Thanks for the help people! : )

30th November 2008, 09:33 AM
The notebook of choice for many students. With an aluminium design extremely similar to the MacBook Pro and new faster graphics, the new MacBook is an excellent balance of style and power.

MacBook Air
Apple's latest addition to its MacBook family is a light, all aluminium laptop designed for those who frequently travel. The world's thinnest laptop has a comparatively slow processor speeds when compared to the MacBook, but still offers more than enough power for the tasks it is designed for. It lacks an optical drive, has very few ports, has internals that cannot be upgraded and lacks a swappable battery. In addition to this, while great value for an ultraportable, it is still expensive compared to the rest of the MacBook family.

MacBook Pro
Apple's portable powerhouse features a fast processor and an additional dedicated graphics card as well as a high-resolution screen, making this a great choice for demanding users.
Sourced from: Which Apple notebook should I buy? - Mac Guides (http://guides.macrumors.com/Which_Apple_notebook_should_I_buy%3F)

3. The Pros were always in a silver (aluminium) case. The white ones were MacBooks (they still sell these, the very base model MacBook 2.1GHz). I'm not going to go into details you can look for Penryn MB/MBP comparisons.

4. The Air is a premium product. $12XX for an MBA is too cheap. Beware. Also, a unibody MacBook (Pro or non Pro) for $800 is ridiculously low. Beware there.

Speed matters. RAM matters more in my opinion.