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10th May 2005, 05:12 PM
Do we have any regular Mac OS X programmers out there ?

I'm looking for Cocoa and Objective-C reference books and wanted some feedback on what is worth buying.
Since I have a reasonable C background and a good handle on Java I'm looking for intermediate or reference books.


Mark T
10th May 2005, 05:35 PM
I've got Hillgrass, together with two or three others.

They may be a year or two old, but I think they would still be ok to give you a feel of how easy they are to follow.

If you want to borrow them for a while, PM me.

Mark T

24th July 2005, 10:27 PM
you may want to look at some of these titles. im sure you could find quite a few of them on amazon.com if you were looking for some cheap books. if you live in melbourne, collins technical bookstore in the city (opposite the old Queen Victoria Hospital site) offer a lot of really good offers around january and july time when all the excess books from RMIT are sold off.

for cocoa, try looking at this book:

cocoa in a nutshell (http://safari.samspublishing.com/?x=1&mode=section&sortKey=title&sortOrder=asc&view=&xmlid=0-596-00462-1&g=&catid=itbooks.prog.cocoa&s=1&b=1&f=1&t=1&c=1&u=1&r=&o=1&n=1&d=1&p=1&a=0&page=0)

and for objective C, try this book:

Objective C pocket Reference (http://safari.samspublishing.com/?x=1&mode=section&sortKey=title&sortOrder=asc&view=&xmlid=0-596-00423-0&g=&catid=itbooks.prog.cocoa&s=1&b=1&f=1&t=1&c=1&u=1&r=&o=1&n=1&d=1&p=1&a=0&page=0)

also, make heavy use of the inbuilt reference library in XCode (version 2.1). its under the help menu ("Cmd Shift ?" is the shortcut i think). you will require internet access to download some of the content, but there is heaps of information.
APIs for heaps of languages, the hardware, software and other stuff that apple uses in its products, and detailed examples when it comes to integrating your apps into the mainstream OS environment.

hope this helps


25th July 2005, 02:00 PM
Personally the best thing I ever did books and programming wise was get a subscription to O'Reilly's Safari service. Originally I bought a couple of those books and Aaron Hillgrass's book is an excellent 'leg up' to cocoa programming.

However I found the biggest issues where that there isn't a single book that covers everything, and the books cost close to or over $100.

I pay around $25 a month, have access to 10 books and I get the option of downloading parts of the book I use a lot as PDF, although that option isn't as great, as I don't always download chapter of the books. The main thing that I found useful was that when I need books other than cocoa books, say XML or Web, you have such a huge library to select from.