View Full Version : emac startup problems after mac updates

26th November 2008, 11:06 AM
Hi I just restarted my computer after downloading the Java for mac 10.4 release 5, itunes 8.0.2, safari 3.2.1. After the chimes the gray apple screen, then gray apple and progress gear. It never gets any further. Tried booting up with safe boot - took ages but did it. Ran permissions repair. removed login items from accounts panel (ical alarm, itunes helper (hidden from startup) microsoft au daemon, do664utility (scanner), adobe updater). Restarted - long spinning gray screen - blue screen - desktop image - long pause - files appear - flash of blue screen - desktop and files finally appear. I'm scared to restart again!

I have an emac 700mhz, Power PC G4 1 GB ram - running 10.4.11 I only have 5.5 gb left on my hard drive. (total of 32)

I regularly run disk permissions repair (after downloads) and cron tasks (mac janitor) I also use an external hard drive Sea something... 64gb where I keep a bootable backup.

Any advice on what could be causing this and advice on checks and maintenance I could do? (PS - I have to borrow a friend's DVD drive to use the start up disks as my emac doesn't have the drive)

28th November 2008, 08:38 AM
For a start backup your data then clear some hard drive space.
You are sailing to close to the wind expecting OSX to run flawlessly with only 5.5 Gb of space left although I suspect your machine doesn't like some of the updates you have installed.
As a general rule OSX likes about 10-15% headroom of your HD to function without any problems although that equates to 3.2Gb so you may be alright in that regard.
I would look at installing a bigger HD. Cheap to buy these days and relatively easy to perform yourself.
I'd also whack in a DVD drive while you have the machine apart. A lot easier to perform bootups from your internal disc drive than borrowing the external from a friend.
Maybe you need to replace the internal battery as well. It is what, 5 years old ?


28th November 2008, 08:36 PM
if your machine is hanging before the login screen then removing the login items and caches and things like that wont do much as they only come in to play after you log in. even if your hd was full you should still get the login screen just like safe boot. Try booting to the installation cd and verify disk, and repair if needed. If none of that works then backup your data and archive and install