View Full Version : 4 questions about podcasts on the iPhone

23rd November 2008, 07:15 PM
4 Questions...

1. Does the podcast have to be in the iTunes podcast directory or can I manually enter a feed URL?

2. It's telling me there are reviews but does anyone know how I can read the reviews without going to my computer and reading them?

3. Can I transfer the podcasts to my computer after they have finished downloading? I tried syncing my iPhone and it didn't seem to do it.

4. Can I make it only download when I'm connected to WiFi? (make it automatically stop when I'm not connected to WiFi then start again when I am connected to WiFi)

Thanks in advance xD

EDIT: Updated iTunes to 8.0.2 or whatever number it is and it's now copying the podcasts from my phone to my computer... still need answers to the other questions though

25th November 2008, 03:11 PM
1. It has to be in the iTunes directory.

2. I can't find a way to read the reviews on the Phone, think you have to do it on a computer.

3. They should sync back.

4. Not sure, however it won't download anything over 10MB on 3G, you need to be on WiFi for that.