View Full Version : Sensors near 'Macbook Pro' writing ?

20th November 2008, 11:29 PM
Hey guys, is it just me, or is there a sensor on either side of the 'macbook pro' writing on the new unibody macbook pro screen ? I seem to see a little silver sensor on either side of the Macbook Pro writing within the black bezel ?

20th November 2008, 11:30 PM
Are you able to photograph it? I cannot see anything on mine.

There are no sensors on that part of the machine, as far as I am aware. Only on the top bit (where your hand would touch, when opening the lid) for ambient light sensing, next to the iSight (either side, one for the green light).

Nothing on the bottom horizontal pane but text (unless it is just the MBP that has this but I don't think so).


20th November 2008, 11:34 PM
You can only see it under certain lighting conditions, ive had a closer look, they are equal distance apart and they actually look kind of like the earpiece on the iPhone 3G........

Anyone else with a Macbook Pro, can you check this out too ? You really have to look under good lighting, I would just like to know what this is ?

20th November 2008, 11:34 PM
reflection from the hinge area?

20th November 2008, 11:37 PM
reflection from the hinge area?

I think you could be right mattydee...

Ive just come to notice it and was wondering what it could be

20th November 2008, 11:37 PM
They're hidden cameras that feed footage back to Apple HQ for Steve to laugh at.

Yeah, Steve's laughing at you.

20th November 2008, 11:39 PM
I did a very scientific 'x-ray' using my iMac for you LevMac and Photo Booth cannot see anything. :p


20th November 2008, 11:42 PM
I did a very scientific 'x-ray' using my iMac for you LevMac and Photo Booth cannot see anything. :p

Hahahaha, that is awesome Huy, you didn't have to do that mate ! :) But still very cool haha, im pretty sure mattydee is spot on, its just the reflection of the screen hinges, but once again id like to confirm if anyone else who has a unibody MBP can please check ?

20th November 2008, 11:55 PM
Mate I got nothing, I place the lamp directly on it, nothing!

21st November 2008, 12:04 AM
Just found out....

Sounds like its the Airport card.....

AppleInsider | Apple's new MacBook and MacBook Pro torn down (photos) (http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/10/16/apples_new_macbook_and_macbook_pro_torn_down_photo s.html)

Down about 1/4 way, you'll see a photo labeled:

"Removing the lower display bezel reveals the AirPort card."

21st November 2008, 12:09 AM
Didn't you say it was on both sides of the text?

[here] MacBook Pro [and here]

The AirPort card is shifted to the right more, looking at those photos. Look at the positioning of the iSight camera and draw a vertical drop down. They do not align with the text at all. At least, it doesn't explain the 'sensor' on the left of the MacBook writing.

21st November 2008, 12:12 AM
Hmmmm yeah good point there Huy, and yes the way the sensor/hinge things are positioned is both sides of the text........

Ohh and just noticed, when the computer is in sleep mode as in when the screen is off, you can't see them, but when the screen comes on they are slightly visible...

Im still interested to find out what it is lol

21st November 2008, 12:17 AM
They're vents. Behind the model-name is the power driver board for the LED backlight array.

The two sections of 'mesh' you are seeing are micro-perforations right through the front shell section; similar 'mesh' perforations cover the activity LED for the built-in iSight at the top.

Between the three vents, there's enough airflow -- minute, but enough -- to stop the enclosed electronics from baking themselves to death.

21st November 2008, 12:24 AM
Brains, yes thats right mate, they are like 'mesh' inserts, just like the mesh used on the earpiece on the iPhone 3G.

Well there you go, vents for airflow, who would have guessed :)

Thanks !

24th March 2009, 10:44 AM
Does the new Unibody MacBook Pro have the left / right side motion sensors like the old MBP?

The older MBP ( non-Unibody) have sensors over the left and right speakers...
which is used to turn up and down the brightness
...which can program to switch tasks using shadow book.

But the new MBP (Unibody MacBook Pro) seem to only have one sensor beside the camera.

is that so or is my mbp broken