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8th May 2005, 11:04 PM
I was expecting that setting up a new printer on my iBook would be as easier as plugging it in and at most, selecting out of a list of manufacturers/printer models. Though it's not even listed there and a search of google isn't much help. While our other printer is offline at the moment while I wait for some spare parts. Ergh hate how people buy incompatible hardware (it's my brothers printer).

Any one encountered this printers before? Anyway of getting it working with a mac (Tiger)?



8th May 2005, 11:16 PM
Have you tried any of the gimp-print drivers?

Gimp-Print (http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/MacOSX.php3)

Your printer isn't directly supported, but if you look at the bottom of the supported printers list there are a few printers that work with random drivers...

Have a go you never know which ones will work...

9th May 2005, 01:45 PM
Seems to be a software printer, so it relies on windows to do firmware tasks. So as far as a mac is concerned, it's a lemon. Trust my brother to buy something crap like this! :rolleyes:

9th May 2005, 02:51 PM
Try the samsung GDI driver:
http://www.samsung.com/au/support/products...pe=DR&language= (http://www.samsung.com/au/support/productsupport/download/FileView.aspx?cttfileid=181424&type=Print%2c+Fax+%26+Copy+Solutions&typecode=102060&subtype=Print%2c+Fax+%26+Copy+Solutions&subtypecode=402661&cmssubtypecode=&model=ML-1710&filetype=DR&language=)

it worked for a friend who has the xerox 3115...

9th May 2005, 03:49 PM
Interesting, the Samsung ML-1710 certainly looks like the same printer! I ran the install though I don't see Samsung in the Printer Setup at all. Is there something else I should do? Also, any idea if it'll work with Tiger?

Edit: Never mind, I tried it again and it came up automatically with the right driver this time. Thanks heaps, it looks like this does the trick!