View Full Version : How Many Computers Run Your House?

8th May 2005, 11:04 AM
Pretty easy poll. Some rules:

- Working computers, Mac or PC. Not bookends, coffee tables or Internet fridges. Actually, Internet fridges count. So do coffee tables that are those awesome old space invaders games (if it works!)
- If Internet fridges count, so then do consoles I suppose. Working ones, though.
- Yes, PCs and Macs both count for the same amount. No bias here! ;)

Ahh, sod it - let's just have some fun! Any computer that remains in your house, that works, that you regularly use. Just list them, let's see what you've got!

8th May 2005, 11:06 AM
I've voted 3 - but it's technically 4. My dad has a PC that he's never learnt how to use. Hasn't been powered up for about a year now.

Aside from that...

1) 1 desktop PC
2) G3 iBook 800
3) My sister's PC

8th May 2005, 11:08 AM
Hmmm "working" is an issue here.

G5, Powerbook, PC, iBook.

Heaps of non-working book-ends I might just throw out...
Going to take the server offline too soon, so I'm not counting it.

8th May 2005, 11:12 AM
Forgot to vote myself... *sheesh*

Powerbook that doesn't move much, Mac Mini, 2xPCs, chipped Xbox.

8th May 2005, 11:21 AM
ok... computers that are used regularly include, iBook, G4 Powermac, PC, HTPC, another PC and a PC laptop. The first three are mine and regularly used, the HTPC gets regular use and the other two are other members of my household.

I also have a Powermac performa gathering dust. Coffee table you say? not a bad idea. And I have another 4 PCs in my room awaiting repairs. Oh, and probably enough parts for one or two more.

8th May 2005, 11:25 AM

- iBook for most tasks - 600Mhz, 576MB RAM/30GB HD.
- Gaming/general use PC - overclocked, watercooled Athlon 2650Mhz, 1GB RAM/240GB total HD space.
- HTPC - EPIA M10000 setup in living room - overclocked 1.2Ghz, 512MB RAM/120GB HD, TV tuner
- Colour Classic modded to "Mystic" - 33Mhz '040, 640 x 480. Used for 68K stuff and retro gaming.

Come one year ago I used to have many working Mac/PC machines sitting around - but have since sold or turfed them. While I turned them all on every now and then, the above machines do it all.


8th May 2005, 11:44 AM
I voted 6, decided not to include my laptop.

4 windows desktops (one a media center running my custom media software), 1 mac mini (very new, running tiger) and a linux box (running RAID 5 with 8 x 120 gig HDs)

Going to get rid of one of the Windows boxes when my mac mini is setup for everything

8th May 2005, 11:47 AM
OMG 7, i feel like a nerd...

2 x Windows PC
1 x iMac
1 x Windows Laptop
1 x Powerbook
1 x XBOX (chipped)
1 x PS2

8th May 2005, 12:28 PM
Well theres............

- iBook 500MHz/256MB/10GB Running Panther

- On its way is a 12" Powerbook 1.33GHz/256MB/60GB Running Panther

- On its way B&W G3 Tower 350MHz/512MB/6GB Running Panther (i think)

- Compaq Presario 1200 Laptop 477MHz/60MB/4GB Running Windbloze ME

- In storage Xbox 733mhz/64MB ram/10GB Running Xbox Games :P

8th May 2005, 12:29 PM
2 x Windows PCs
1 x PowerBook
1 x Mac mini
1 x Toshiba Notebook
1 x PlayStation 2
2 x Nintendo 64
1 x Gameboy Advance
1 x Gameboy Color

I'm soon to bring over from NZ:
1 x Sega Mega Drive + Mega CD.

Yikes. :)

8th May 2005, 12:42 PM

Family PC (P3 450)
Family Notebook (Big arse HP desktop replacement, P4 2.8ghz)
My Powerbook (Rev C 12inch)
My PC (Athlon 1.2ghz)
Brothers Powerbook (Rev D 12inch)

That's not including the numerous old PCs (and one 68k mac) that are sitting in cupboards unused.

8th May 2005, 12:43 PM
Lets see

PowerMac G4
PowerMac G3
iMac G3
My Dell Latitude (work)
Wife's Compaq (Wife won't use a Mac)

That makes six.

8th May 2005, 01:34 PM
I chose a low number counting only the "regularly" used computers, not the others that only get a run every now and then.

1 x iMac G4
1 x Powerbook G4
1 x Athlon HTPC (MythTV)
1 x 486/DX (router and firewall)
1 x PentiumPro 200 (webserver etc)
1 x SGI Challenge M (R4000)
2 x SGI Indy (R4000)
1 x Digital "Jensen" (Alpha 21064 150Mhz)
1 x SPARCStation ELC (runs Solaris 7 ... just!)
a scatering of Classic's and LC's
oh, and a GameCube.

Sorry waynie, I think I out-nerded you. :(

8th May 2005, 01:50 PM
I only voted for the ones I use regularly at home.

1 x Windows MCE 2005 Home Theatre PC
1 x iBook G3 700MHz
1 x Power Mac G4 466MHz
1 x iMac G3 500MHz

I also have:

1 x HP iPaq Pocket PC
1 x Atari 1040st (unused boxed in the shed)
1 x Dell Optiplex 733MHz PIII (unused boxed in the shed)
1 x HP Pavilion 500MHz PIII (unused boxed in the shed)
1 x Sony VAIO PCG-TR1MP 900MHz Centrino sub-notebook (on loan to family)
1 x Sony VAIO P4 2.8GHz desktop (on loan to family)
1 x Sony VAIO Pentium III 900MHz notebook (on loan to family)

I think I'm winning now.

8th May 2005, 06:41 PM
ibook, powerbook, dell laptop, + 3 pc towers
soon to get a new ibook/powerbook i think

i only use the powerbook though

Tommy PDA
8th May 2005, 06:53 PM
Hey Guys

I have about 12 inclunding laptop's desktops and PDA's. B)

I had about four on in my room today. I was on my laptop and my pIII XP and
my p4 XP my palm and my pII.
And my PS2 :panther:

Computers i Own

1 x PIII runing XP PRO
1 x P4 runing XP Home
1 x Compaq runing 2000
1 x Powermac

1 x acer pII runing 2000
1 x Ibook G4
1 x Ibook G3 clamshell

1 x Sharp data base
1 x Palm T
1 x Palm Tungsten-T
1 x Palm Tungsten-T2

1 x PS2
1 x 64
1 x saga
1 x Gameboy SP
1 x Gameboy

I think that's it. :finder:

8th May 2005, 07:00 PM
I needed to write this out before I could vote...

1. Athlon64 3200+, 1024MB RAM, 36GB (Windows XP, General Use/Games)
2. Apple G4 733MHz, 1024MB RAM, 40GB (Panther, General Use)
3. Pentium III 800MHz, 384MB RAM (Windows 2000, General Use Laptop)
4. Athlon 1100MHz, 256MB RAM, 60GB (Windows 2000, HTPC)

5. Pentium 100MHz, 32MB RAM, 1.2GB (Debian, Firewall/Gateway)
6. Pentium 166MHz, 96MB RAM, 50GB (Debian, Server)
7. Athlon 1000MHz, 512MB RAM, 1400GB (Windows 2003 Server, File Server)

Other people's PC's in house:

8. Pentium 667MHz, 256MB RAM, 20GB (Windows 2000, General Use)
9. Pentium 550MHz, 256MB RAM, 10GB (Windows 2000, General Use)


10. Compaq/HP PDA
11. Sony PS2

8th May 2005, 07:12 PM
1xMDD DP (studio - music & video/photo)
1xiMac G41x1x
1xG3/233 (web server)
1x6100/66 (great answering machine)

1xiBook (12")
1xTiBook (15")
1xAlBook (15")
3xIBM ThinkPads (housemate's work machines)


I won't add the PDAs since they don't really get used, but there's about 5 of them...

8th May 2005, 07:24 PM
1x iMac G3 with 40gb hard disk running Tiger (Main computer for email etc. - believe it or not)
1x AMD 2400+ with 200gb for games and storing crap
1x Toshiba laptop (used between work and home)
1x Compaq Armada M700 with faulty motherboard I use for a multimedia PC connected to my projector (when it doesn't crash it is fantastic for the job of plaing DivX etc. files)
1x Xbox
1x HP Ipaq 4350 (does a pocketpc count? - it is connected via wireless and I use it heaps for MSN, webbrowsing and skype)
3 or 4 other miscellaneous pentium 2's which periodically run as servers or linux boxes or the like. Play boxes, of which 2 are operational at the moment

so that's about 8 total devices sharing my TPG HOME internet (which only "supports" 1 user!! LOL)

Anyone with a faulty Armada M700 I would LOVE to talk to you ...

8th May 2005, 07:27 PM
Just the awesome Powerbook... Gotta travel light when all you've got is a $12 IKEA desk to sit it on in our one bedroom apartment over here.

Ideally when we get home that will probably only increase to two machines with the introduction of a home-based 20" iMac, so I can use the PB on the road with work while the iMac runs the show via an Airport/Airtunes wireless network :cmd:

8th May 2005, 07:29 PM
1. Mac Mini - Main desktop
2 ibook - Uni and other locations
3. Pentium 4 for games and downloading duties (file storage)
4. A dell laptop (my flatmates) pffftt
5 A htpc - movies hdtv etc
6 2nd Bedroom htpc (normal def though)

(Also have a pda and an xbox but I didn't add those)

8th May 2005, 07:33 PM
5 here:

1 x PIII 700 384MB RAM -> My Mother's PC.
1 x Dual Celeron 466 384MB RAM -> File/Print Server/Internet Router
1 x P4 2.4Ghz 1GB RAM -> My multimedia/development/test machine.
1 x G3 300 768MB RAM PowerMac -> Linux testing/development and Tiger.
1 x IBM ThinkPad R50 1.4Ghz Pentium M 512MB RAM -> My Notebook

8th May 2005, 07:56 PM
Despite having 50+ macs here, I voted 3.

One is the eMac I use as a main machine
Two is the 6360/200 Webserver ( http://www.danaquarium.com/ !)
Three is sometimes the fileserver (an iMac) or a spare quadra I happen to be playing with.


8th May 2005, 08:41 PM
See my sig.
We of course are a Mac only house (but 4 of us work in cross-platform schools/workplaces which is why we know what to use at home)

8th May 2005, 09:29 PM
I'm going to cheat slightly, since the newest member of the family is on it's way... I'm counting it anyway.

Here's 8:
Power Mac G5 Dual 2.0GHz
12" iBook G4
LC II (with an LCIII logic board)
Power Mac 6200/75
Mac Classic
Apple Newton
Dell Inspiron 8200 (1.6GHz)
Gateway GP-600LS (600MHz)

I had 5 of these going in one room a while ago... I swear I could HEAR the radiation killing me... There was this odd buzzing sound, which didn't seem to be coming form any one machine.

8th May 2005, 09:45 PM
Last count was about 32 - one in my room/office, 12 in the back room (6 networked), and 19 in the garage. This includes about 10 386/486 desktops and notebooks, a couple of servers, one commadore 64, one Apple II, and more pentium 1&2's than you can poke a stick of RAM at. My father is insane. He builds and repairs old systems, once they're working he generally looses interest and moves onto the next project. I keep trying to convince him to join one of those groups who builds systems for disadvantaged kids, but so far no-go.

Next step - gut my current machine and upgrade it, using the old parts to build a multimedia centre for the living room (DVD recorder, TV-in etc. I know, I know - I said "Just get a MacMini"), and with any luck a nice 2nd hand iBook or Powerbook for me to haul around on jobs.

Oh, and there're the printers, scanners, monitors, routers, hubs, boxes of spare parts and the PS1 we picked up for $5 at a garage sale...now to get some games...

8th May 2005, 09:46 PM

1 x PowerBook
1 x Thinkpad
1 x PS2
1 x Tivo <- Most important in the house ;-)

8th May 2005, 09:49 PM

My Dual 800@867
My iBook 1ghz
My sisters iMac 400mhz
My bothers iMac 400mhz
" " " "
My Dad&#39;s Sawtooth 400@500mhz
My Cuzin who lives with us&#39;s PowerBook 15" 1.67ghz