View Full Version : 2nd, 2nd Gen Macbook Pro not operating properly?

16th November 2008, 11:50 AM
:confused:Hey Everyone..
I have had 2 of the new generation MBP's.
I have been restoring my 2nd MBP from my TC since 1 am this morning... It still have 1 hour to finish transferring my documents! Does 'documents' mean Pics, Music, Docs, movies etc?
My 1st, 2nd Gen MBP only took 3-4 hours to transfer from my Old 1st GEN MBP...
Maybe the mistake was... I didn't attach the computer to the other computer I just restored from a Backup?
I think there is a HD problem because every-time I take it out of sleep or even when I even turn it on I always hear a bad sound when the fan/HD spin! It isn't smooth like the other Macbooks... It's hitting something..!
I am sick of getting things replaced!!! I call Apple every single day ti report a new issue and It is making me sick! I have even memorized the number! 1300321456 or 133622
Also the alignment of the screen and the actually computer (HD, Fans, etc) is not aligned properly! It is very annoying!
To show my Very BAD luck.. I will tell you what I have had replaced in my Life.. Computer wise!
i have had my 2006 Sony Vaio replaced for unknown reasons.. It just stopped!
I have had my Macbook 2.16 ghz replaced because It was basically out of control! By that I mean I have had it in for repaid 4 times for Fan, Logic board and other hardware issues!
I have had 5 iPhone 3G's
All replaced for basically the same reason! It's sooo annoying.. They get swapped every month... I have actually had 2 in 1 month...
Back to computers... In the middle of Apple replacing my Macbook I said I wanted a MBP.... They said that's fine but we need you to pay. So I payed 800 difference and walla... I got a MBP...
Then 1.2 months after that Apple released a new MBP...
I really wanted to keep my MBP but thought it would be best to get the new one seen as though I would have gotten Top dollar for it!
So I sold it for more than I payed for it and got the new MBP... It arrived on the Wednesday and on the Sunday It had 2 kernel panics! let it go and then it had another 2 in the next few days! I was furious and demanded a replacement!
Finally after 2 weeks my MBP arrived!
Now the alignment is wrong which isn't a big issue, well it actually isn't an issue but if ever I have problems with this other MBP I will tell Apple about this issue!?!?!?!
Anyone.... Please tell me how long it took you to transfer 120GB's over ethernet connected to your Backup drive?
Oh and sorry for my rambling... I just needed to vent! :)

16th November 2008, 12:10 PM
..have you tried formatting it from scratch, and not restoring anything?

I know that defeats the whole purpose of Time Machine, but if you can eliminate something going screwy...

16th November 2008, 12:20 PM
what Chrisede said and any chance of reformatting your post :P

Its hard on the eyes.


16th November 2008, 04:40 PM
Hey everyone...
Thanks for the speedy replies..
It eventually finished and it turned out that it was an old Backup!
I was so annoyed!
ANyway... I ended up doing the migration assistant - transferring everything from another Mac and not a Backup..!
Now.. I think my TM is not operating properly because it has a VERY VERY VERY old backup registered as if it was from today... Very frustrating.. It's always me who get's the duds! :(
I'll ring Apple again next week if this doesn't sort it self out. It is annoying and can't figure out why it can't just work!
I feel sorry for the guy who helps me on Apple phone support because I am one REALLY annoyed Apple customer!

17th November 2008, 06:54 PM
I feel sorry for the guy who helps me on Apple phone support because I am one REALLY annoyed Apple customer!