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27th May 2004, 04:42 AM
As a little intro for anyone else too shy to admit to the same (hey, I know there's lots of us here!) I have pleeeeenty of the ancient macs about.

My main machine is an eMac. 1GHz, Panther, and all the new stuff. It's just so usable as a sit-in-the-background OS so I can DO stuff rather than have to mess around. However the ancient macs have this attraction I can't shake. Perhaps it's a love of the history of the platform, seeing where things came from, how the MacOS developed, and where it's gone wrong in the past. Or perhaps some of the old ones are still dang cute. =)

My fave for a long time has been the Quadra 605 (http://www.danamania.com/605); 68ks have an appeal from growing up with Amigas, the case is just beautiful inside & out, and I've always felt something for the lower end macs. There's 5 of the things in various places in my flat :).

The oldest one I have is a Plus, in the original style yellowbeige case. Sadly it's not working as one of its capacitors has popped, and blooms the display out way beyond the edges of the physical screen. 512x384 resolution and single bit display... that's kinda cool =).

I also run a couple of older PPCs, one a 6100/66 running Debian Linux as a webserver doing all the serving for danamania.com (http://www.danamania.com/), and a 7200/120 also running Debian that works as a router for the internal network. They have their little jobs to do, and do them well :).

And then there's the collection, the macs I've just had to buy because they were -there- and I wanted to experience them. The insanely noisy & large Quadra 950 and WGS 9150, the almost worshipped Quadra 840av, the kinda braindead 6300, and dozens of others.

Cheap, old, and they keep me amused :).


27th May 2004, 09:28 AM
If you live anywhere in or around Sydney, I can help with the blown capacitor.

I am an electronics nut (case).

Currently trying to source parts for Currawong's NIC. It has a (physycally) cracked surface mount choke (inductor)...these are very rare in Oz. but yeah...I have had alot of PC and mac wrecks that keep for parts like the one you are after.

Let us know.


28th May 2004, 11:16 AM
Originally posted by pipsqeek@May 27 2004, 09:28 AM
but yeah...I have had alot of PC and mac wrecks that keep for parts like the one you are after.
Good idea. In this day and age when parts for older machines are becoming harder and harder to find, you can't afford not to, if you have a couple of old machines still in use.