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6th May 2005, 09:55 AM
My problem is similar to some other areas and I have mentioned this in some other posts but thought Id start a new one anyway, as this is driving me nuts!.

I have a "wireless range" issue with my 17" PB-1.5, I have had a Belkin wireless router/modem since January and have not had a problem with using my PB anywhere in the house (or even in the backyard) UNTIL recently (probably a couple of weeks) NOW I ONLY have to move a few metres away from the modem/router and I lose the signal altogether!

I also have a PC with a wireless card and this still gets a good signal (hasnt changed at all) and it's 3 rooms away, so I know it's NOT the Modem that has the problem.

Has anyone had this same problem and found a solution yet? I was wondering if this has surfaced since one of the "software updates"

Below are updates I have installed recently and 10.3.9 MAY coincide with the problems?
2005-04-17 09:48:38 +0930: Installed "Mac OS X Update" (10.3.9)
2005-04-20 12:56:42 +0930: Installed "Security Update 2005-004" (1.0)
2005-04-27 12:43:36 +0930: Installed "Java Update for Mac OS X v10.3.9" (1.0)
2005-05-04 13:25:48 +0930: Installed "QuickTime" (7.0)
2005-05-04 13:25:57 +0930: Installed "Security Update 2005-005" (1.0)

I have not changed anything or added any new electrical equipment in the immediate area, so I am puzzled, anyone got any ideas?


6th May 2005, 10:10 AM
My friend had a similar problem with his iBook. It turned out that the antenna had somehow come slightly loose.

I suggest you check the antenna connection and press it in hard with a flat head screw driver or something similar.

6th May 2005, 10:20 AM
Yes, sounds like antenna has come loose. Its likely to be where it plugs into the airport extreme card.

EDIT: Dont think you'll be able to do it, pictures I am seeing of this model dont show you how an end user can access it. Infact it looks like you can't. Someone might be able to confirm that. You might need to take this to your service centre. As the airport issues can relate to the cable being damaged in the hinge area (etc).

6th May 2005, 06:58 PM
I looked at the "Powerbook G4 Airport card replacement instructions", but this shows the a computer that looks quite different underneath than mine (my battery is in the middle and the diagram show it to the side), so I think I'll think I will take it in to the dealer and not risk voiding my warranty


8th May 2005, 02:16 AM
I looked at the "Apple Discussions" group to see if anyone had similar problems and found that when the screen was at approx 90 degrees the reception was bad but when the screen was being closed the reception improved.
I tried this and the same thing happens.
Pictures attached show the reception I get (with MacStumbler)

First Picture: shows screen open at normal operating angle.SIGNAL is 32

Second Picture: shows the screen almost shut SIGNAL is 73 (open just enough so I could use the trackpad to take the picture)
Below is the quote from the Discussions group post:
Thanks for the update. The same happened on my end. I took it to the Apple Store on 2/24, they concurred that the cable was faulty and took it for repair.

It needed Part 603-6605 (Inverter Cable, Div Assembly, Q41B. The part was out of stock, so I justreceived my repaired PowerBook today, 4/5. The antenna is working as it had for almost a year.

Looks like my PB might have to go in for a holiday, I only hope it is a very SMALL vacation!