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29th October 2008, 11:49 AM

I've just requested an unlock from Optus so I can use my iPhone when I travel to the UK & Ireland in late November.

Can anyone recommend a good pre-paid deal that includes data from one of the UK phone companies so I know what to ask for when I get there?



29th October 2008, 11:51 AM
Hm, is there such a thing as a prepaid that will work all over the European Union, or is that asking to much...even UK Ireland might be pushing it.

EDIT a quick google reveals this mob... (http://www.united-mobile.com/?&l=en&gclid=CImu4YOqy5YCFQMCagodQ02CxQ)

30th October 2008, 03:17 AM
Go with o2. Its the only telco in the UK that supports the iPhone and has a proper pay and go (prepaid) option for it. When you arrive make your way to an o2 store and specially ask for a pay and go for the iPhone - they will give you a special prepaid pack designed for the iPhone along with instructions to change the apn.

o2 is similar to telstra's prepaid offerings: their prepaid option is confusing and comes with tons of different option packs - so be careful! o2 comes with five different tariff plans. These include:
Favourite Place: includes minutes to any UK landline or o2 cell phone from a specific postcode
Talkalotmore: includes off peak minutes
Text Anytime: includes UK text
o2 Unlimited: includes unlimited text to o2 mobiles
Your country: includes minutes to call international landlines and some international mobiles.

On top of this, you have different bolt on options. Two that you should look into are:
O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On for iPhone: allows data access on your iphone, this costs 10 per month, and
Ireland: Call and text the UK from the Republic of Ireland at your standard UK rates, this costs 1.99 per month. Be careful though, it takes between 24-48 hours to from choosing your bolt on and actually having that bolt on activated on your account.

Some other telcos offer data but its either not proper data and only web surfing, or you the data packs only lasting for five days which means that you have to continually top up every fifth day so that you dont get charged any pricey data fees.

Anyway let me know if you have any probs or if i wasn't clear. Oh remember to bring something warm. It was snowing last night!!!

30th October 2008, 03:26 AM
I agree, go with O2. I use them, and they are pretty good.

Although, just cause I have a thing against them, don't go through Carphone Warehouse. They are bastards, and cause nothing but greif!!! Go to an O2 shop directly.

30th October 2008, 03:28 AM
A few telcos provide SIM's with free credit on them...

Look around when you get there.

31st October 2008, 05:27 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check out O2 when I get there.


31st October 2008, 05:31 PM
I work for a company that does UK SIM cards in particular (as well as USA and just about every other country). I'll drop you a PM with some details. Can give you a +44 (UK) number with cheap rates for the UK and roaming too.