View Full Version : G4 running OS 10.3.9: loads apps but won't show them

27th October 2008, 05:24 PM
My G4 (2003) running OS 10.3.9 has been getting progressively slower for weeks. Can't find any trojans or other malware.

Now it's refusing to show more and more apps when they're loaded. Or it just sits and spins its wheels. They show up in the dock as loaded, but won't show up when clicked. No response.

Dunno if the desktop needs rebuilding (no idea how to do it in 10.3.9) or what the problem could be. Bad timing, too in the middle of final stages of launching new web-based project this week.

Any ideas or suggestions?


27th October 2008, 09:54 PM
A slowdown such as you describe is often a sign that your hard drive's directory structure has become more and more scrambled over time.

Boot the G4 from your OSX install CD 1 (any version of the OS, from 10.1.2 upwards will do) and when it gets to the installer screen, go to the File menu or Utility menu (varies between versions) and launch Disk Utility. Get it to do a 'repair disk'. If it fails with an error message, you will need to use Alsoft DiskWarrior (a commercial program) to fix what it cannot. If the repair disk passes, follow it up with a 'repair permissions'.

There is obviously some damage to the interface frameworks of your OSX install. doing an archive-and-reinstall of your OS is the recommended fix (you don't lose any documents or settings) but not until you are absolutely certain that your hard drives has no errors (ie, Disk Utility 'repair disk' finds no errors).