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25th October 2008, 07:18 PM
Yesterday I found my iPhone frozen (it had been receiving a call) so I restarted/force quitted it by holding down the home and power keys. This seemed to work fine. Meant to sync it with iTunes last night, but forgot and threw it on the wall charger.

This morning it then told me there was no service and a few minutes later asked for my SIM pin. Entered it and nothing. So I turned it off and on again and entered the SIM pin. No service. Then went to screen saver, then restarted without warning. Eventually I got the connect to iTunes on the screen/slide for emergency. So I connected to iTunes. Got the "information required for activation could not be obtained from iPhone" message so entered my SIM pin and got nothing.

Then did the DFU mode restore. Got to unlocking my SIM by pin and then seemed to freeze. So I turned it off then on again. It asked me a number of times for my SIM pin. It actually started syncing with iTunes at one stage and I got applications etc synced again but then it restarted and wouldn't unlock.

So I took my SIM out and put it in another mobile and turned off the SIM pin lock thingamajig. Did a total restore again (DFU thingy) and got the "information required for activation could not be obtained from iPhone" message.

Oh and earlier on before I did the DFU I got the message on iTunes that I needed to take my phone to Apple.

Am in Cairns so there is no genius bar and the apple repair agent is not open again until Monday. Any ideas about what I could try would be appreciated!

25th October 2008, 08:03 PM
Just wait until Monday. You have one dodgy phone there.