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25th May 2004, 06:30 PM
I recently picked up a used Wallstreet Powerbook off the OCAU forums for (gloat on) $45 (gloat off). Quite happy with it, although it disappointingly only has a 12" passive screen. Although, it has VGA output which isn't bad - might run it headless.

It apparently didn't work - the previous owner was upgrading the hard disk and after powering up the machine it was completely dead. I thought it might be a dodgy PMU or Sound/DC board as is often faulty on Wallstreets.

Came home, found it was dead as using the small black power adaptor it came with. So I tried my yoyo power supply on it, and it booted first go!

Had a look around for power adaptor problems ... and discovered that they are known faulty parts, for which Apple still has a replacement program for! :D So I've now got a new yoyo power adaptor on its way - very happy about this! Of course, this machine is slighty out of warranty as well :)

Anyone else have any reasonably happy Apple stories to tell?


25th May 2004, 06:45 PM
You lucky bastard.. you get cheap Apple stuff so often Jordi, it's annoying :P

25th May 2004, 06:52 PM
:) :) :)

I've been bloody lucky recently Anthony - mainly because La Trobe uni are clearing out most of their Mac hardware, where my bro happens to work.

The upshot is, is if anyone has any old G3 black power adaptor lying around, model M4402, even if it's stuffed, RETURN IT for a new yoyo adaptor by submitting your details to here. (http://depot.info.apple.com/exchange/) Apparently this adaptor has overheating problems, and in rare occurences catches on fire. :unsure: Who knows how long it'll take, but it's worth the effort, as these adaptors work on any iBook or Powerbook up to current models :)


25th May 2004, 06:54 PM
Another pic (sorry, couldn't post two in same thread). It's the small rectangular black one with a two-pronged plug:

26th May 2004, 07:00 PM
Actually I have a similar story, The system in my sig (at the time it only had 128mb ram, 40gb hard drive and no monitor) I won at an auction here in WA. Here is how it went down.

I've been looking to get a mac for about 3-4 months now, but a restricted budget has held me back. I usually check out ebay, but most stuff goes for higher than I'd like. So one week my uncle lets me know he goes to some of the IT auctions, and that a few macs go through every now and again.

So I check out sundays paper a few weeks ago, and to my luck I see that Ross Auctions has G4's a 533 and 500 :) up for the hammer . I go along and inspect them the day before, I looked at the G4 500 first. Not to bad, a few scratches here and there, no mouse and keyboard or box, only a ATi Rage, 18GB HDD, it booted fine into 10.2.

Next I looked at the G4 533, had a geforce 2 (which I wanted), only 128mb RAM, 40GB HD + an airport card. This sucker also came with black pro keyboard and mouse + original box as well! Then I pressed the power button to boot it and it beeped at me :( my bottom lip dropped as I really wanted this one. Then I remembered my cousins G4 doing the same thing when he put a bad stick of RAM in it :P . So I decided that the next day I would have a punt on it (hoping that it would only be bad RAM).

Got up the next morning and headed down to the auction, after waiting 2 1/2 painful hours my lot had finally come around. Starting price $200, auction quickly rose up to around $350. I put down my bid of $400. Going once, twice, three times, sold to the man with the blue tie :D . Yay! the G4 was mine, I promptly payed for it and departed for home.

Got home, unpacked eveything, gave it all a quick clean up and set it up on my desk (next to my much malinged p4 1.7 laptop). I opened up the side and removed the suspect stick of pc100, and put in my two sticks of 512 pc133 from my old PIII system. After I plugged everything back in I held my breath as I pressed the power button. *Nothing* :( Then I remembered to flip the switch at the power point :P . Pressed the power button again *duuuhhhhh* Mac bootup sound, phew! it began to bootup into os 9.2 .

After checking a few things (did a apple hardware test, etc.) and all coming up good, I went into Perth to get a 80GB HDD and OSX 10.3 . Got home again and installed the new hardware/software and I'm in mac heaven :D . I then messed around with OSX for a while, then copied all my data from my laptop, which hasn't been used since.

Well thats my story (sorry 'bout the length)