View Full Version : Any Good Imac G4 Stand/risers?

2nd May 2005, 11:10 PM
Where can I buy a stand for my iMac G4 that will lift it about 5cm off the desk and allow me to slide my keyboard (Apple's Pro Keyboard with 2 x USB ports facing the computer's base) under the base of my iMac? Something like Griffin's iCurve but for iMac g4?

i'd prefer one that screws on/clamps to the 'lip' (the bit of the actual desk top that hangs over the edge)

it should (but doesn't have to) include:

> adjustable height
> clamp for lip of desk
> enough desk clearance for keyboard to fit underneath
> thought for cables @ back of base (eg: holder for them, pipe, etc)
> reasonable price

KB pic: http://www.kustompcs.co.uk/acatalog/3018.jpg