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12th October 2008, 12:52 PM
hi. I got an iPhone yesterday and purchased 4 songs via iTunes and was wondering how you can keep the songs when you sync other songs from your home computer.. Everytime I go to add songs they won't let me copy or keep my songs... I've heard you guys know everything...

18th October 2008, 05:03 PM
Can you not set the iPhone to "manual sync" mode like you can the iPod range? I don't have one myself yet, but judging by what I have just Google'd, you can.

I assume this is what you are implying?

18th October 2008, 05:22 PM
It won't let you copy those songs if they were copied from one computer and you are trying to put them on another.

18th October 2008, 05:33 PM
Yea, tomricci's right. It seems like you're trying to sync the iPhone onto a different computer, iPods and iPhones can only be synced with one specific computer.

19th October 2008, 06:54 PM
^ Not true if the iPod is set to Manual mode. Granted, you cannot copy songs from an iPod or an iPhone to a computer, however if you are wanting to add songs from say, your main PC and work PC, this is quite possible if you set the device to manual syncing.

I have a laptop and the folks have a PC in the study both of which are loaded to the brim with music that I have been able to transfer to my iPod touch.

19th October 2008, 08:37 PM
... Granted, you cannot copy songs from an iPod or an iPhone to a computer...

Senuti - Download (http://www.fadingred.org/senuti/)

That will help you get the songs off the iPhone and on to your computer, then (as long as you bought them with the same account as the computer you want to sync with now) you'll be able to sync them all together happily. :)

20th October 2008, 04:58 PM
... Ah.... Forgot that most people buy their music via iTunes. I don't, I rip mine straight from CD as well as downloading live DJ sets and radio shows (never anything illegal though).

Ta muchly for the dl link btw, I shall investigate that forthwith. :)