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kim jong il
24th May 2004, 09:13 AM
Setting the scene.

purchase G4 tower from ebay (sawtooth), install OS X (10.3).

It's quite happy to do this but wants to update the HD firmware. No problem........

Sh*t Classic only

Fruitless search for universal OS 9 installer ensues. Finally succeed in creating one!

Reboot in OS 9.1, but the HD firmware updater wants me to update the G4 firmware first.

Update performs flawlessly AND THEN, automatically reboots................

OS 9 crashes (bus errors, finder errors on reboot attempt.........)

WTF? the OS X partition on one startup drive is now no longer recognized (NOTE: Norton tools, should be renamed norton mangler)

NOTE: (the whole fixing permissions thing is going on at regular intervals throughout this)

Disk utility pollitely informs me that it can't repair the volume (about 20 different volume extent overlap errors)

3 or 4 hours later Reset PRAM and boot up in OS 9. The missing disk is now available. BEAUTY!

Disk utility attempts repair. FAILS 'underlying task quit. error -9972'

Reboot in OS X. All seems good except now the other startup volume won't mount (the log file says mounted) However, nothing on the desktop. BAD

Try all sorts of things (approx 12 hours) and notice that the boot volume will not open anything, kernel panic shutdowns, the works. The OS X partition has 0 bytes available!!

Help cleverly tells me to remove data to free up space. I do this, freeing up hunrdeds of MB's.

Restart, hundreds is now reduced to 130 MB. Open one application (disk utility, what else?). Nothing. Disk is now full. Disk utility crashes, OS X keels over not long after.

MORE HOURS PASS, go to work, come home with ideas. (Apple support is crap IM(not so)HO. I have never got anything of real use from their knowlege base)

ZAP PRAM and............ The damn thing boots from the unretrievable volume???? 10 minutes before it was telling me it was unreadable and how do I want to initialize it?. It gets better. The OTHER OS X volume is now invisible again

However, now, having a valid OS X volume, I can install a third party utility (norton mangler OS X will recognize NONE of the drives while earlier versions (OS 9) destroy directories). Install Drive10, which is currently running now and tells me it is repairing the volume structure on the missing volume.

At its current rate (step 780,000 of 1,215,000 task 5 of 6) it should be done in 4 F'ing days-98%processor usage. What the hell is it doing? And what did norton do to my HD? AND what the hell is wrong with the firmware updater or OS 9.1/9.2.2 (which only boot after a PRAM ZAP)

Apple was right on one thing however. Installing the firmware update probably has extended the life of my HD's. If you can't get access and they don't bloody work, they can't really fail. you've got to hand it to those guys.

While typing this activity monitor just crashed. The activity monitor?? They must be joking.

Drive10 must be checking every single bloody file. It's only writing to the disk about once every 30 seconds..............

What is going on?? It died for a second, sped up AND now says task 794,000 of 1,790,000 (the 3-4 day estimate stays)

Advice, flames, anything would be welcome. Even a "glad it's not me" might get a smile from me.

Forget tips about safe booting. Won't do it. Single user? No. Command line crap: fsck? tells me I'm in trouble. No again.

Why do I persist? I use a lot of open source software and truthfully the thought of compiling and reinstalling every single little bloody thing gives me the horrors. The data is fully retrievable, but 60+ GB to CD's? Forget it. There is not so much there that is critical, but I really do want to get to the bottom of the disk access problem.

Anyway, I have another (this one, imac DV 450) machine to use while the other one does its thing.


24th May 2004, 09:52 AM
"glad it's not me" :P

Sorry - i really can't help beyond that.

kim jong il
24th May 2004, 11:14 AM
Yep, I asked for it, it's the nature of humanity to gain pleasure at the expense of others. (just glad I'm not in an iraqi prison to experience it) Mac hell is bad enough.

cheers, kim

24th May 2004, 02:58 PM

1. Disconnect machine from power and peripherals.

2. Remove PRAM battery, leave machine for 24 hours that way.

3. Boot from OSX installer disk. Open Disk Utility and Erase Disk.

4. Install OSX.

Ideally, if it were my machine, I'd boot from a custom made OS9 CD that has some 3rd party disk utilities on it that can completely erase the HD(s), including all boot partitions. Sometimes you get disks screwing up the computer booting because there is more than one set of disk drivers or the like on them.

25th May 2004, 07:30 PM
kim have you tried the hard disk in another machine, eg. a PC to see if it detects and formats OK on that? Or, try replacing your IDE cables in your Sawtooth - came across a similar phenomenon (ie. taking farking hours to format) on a PC, found it was a faulty ATA66 cable.


kim jong il
27th May 2004, 01:10 PM
I have tried many things, but now it may have to wait till next week. new ata card, new drive (when it gets going I am going to have weekly cloning sessions). there currently seems no logical order in it identifying one drive then another, booting of one system then another as the first has dissappeared again. currawongs advice gave me food for thought (every drive mounted and was accessable until the first restart). Does not appear to be a battery issue as time and date settings are maintained between restarts. (dont have multiple blessed OS 9 folders kicking around)

Starting to think that the firmware is corrupt as it failed on reboot after the update. every restart gives me something a bit different accessess extensions that have been physically removed from system folders. Won't boot off a universal OS 9 system either.

I'll try target disk mode startup and see what another machine makes of the drives. (NOTE: the HD that requested the firmware update is the only one that consistently vanishes for no understandable reason-and this wanted the machine firmware updated first) Various utilities have managed to do some very strange things (os X disk utility just bound 26000 files together this morning on what was a fully funcional partion-said it had detected problem 'minor' and it definitely 'fixed it'. good and proper.

(I did use the correct G4 firmware update, but am considering going back to an earlier version) Various utilities describe the drive as UNKNOWN G4 processor, others recognize it. Go figure

PLEASE NO-ONE waste time trying to help me on this one. I am approaching the 50 hour mark. I can do A LOT of reading in that time. Just wish it made more sense.

Also will try and borrow some modern machinery from a friend for the weekend.

At the moment I am apportioning blame 20% machine + firmware, 80% ME (I have stuffed up somewhere, I am sure).

Thanks all the same to those who have taken interest.

cheers, kim :blink: