View Full Version : Quicktime 7 Now Available Via Software Update

29th April 2005, 08:43 PM
go for it

29th April 2005, 08:50 PM
Not available for me, im on a windows xp machine.


29th April 2005, 08:52 PM
All I can say is Wow!

They must be really having a hard time selling Quicktime Pro licenses!

29th April 2005, 09:02 PM
this makes me wanna ask...what else will us Panther users get to upgrade? i've been told iSync's new compatible devices will only work with Tiger. dunno how true this is though.

29th April 2005, 09:14 PM
just updated, very nice.
anybody recommend getting the pro upgrade

29th April 2005, 09:29 PM
Yeah, is Pro really necessary when VLC and such are about?

29th April 2005, 09:44 PM
Yeah i have quicktime pro 7 cause im a video editor atm im encoding my first peice of video in h264 which shall be very interesting, wholeheartly recomend the pro version, I think version 7 feels really good looks great and is layed out in a much better way..

29th April 2005, 10:00 PM
I downloaded and installed the new quicktime on my ibook but when i try to watch a trailer on the mac page i get a big quicktime log with a ? in the middle.

I appears to work in itunes but.

Anyone else tried loading a website base qicktime file?