View Full Version : Plug In Confusion

18th September 2008, 09:23 PM
Ok.... what the hell does this mean?

I'm using a disk I have used in the past with Flash components... but now when I open it, it says this.

"The page “Interactive Physiology” has content of MIME type “application/x-director”. Because you don’t have a plug-in installed for this MIME type, this content can’t be displayed.

I've tried downloading new software that it suggests, but its still not working... I'm about to scream!!!!

Its got interactive exams on it that are awesome that I desperately want to use for study prep...

Can anyone direct me to where I need to download whatever it is they're talking about...


19th September 2008, 08:52 PM
Are you using an Intel Mac and/or Leopard?

If so, you may be in for a spot of bother. The latest version of Shockwave Player (for playing Director files) is only supported up to Tiger and on PPC machines, according to the official Adobe website (and various forums).

[edit] Apparently Rosetta emulation can work ... maybe. Do this by going to your Apps folder, Get Info on Safari, and check the box that says "Open in Rosetta mode". Am yet to try it out.

[edit 2] Just tried Rosetta -- for me it runs slowly and inconsistently, and every Director/Shockwave app I tried crashed with a script error.