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16th September 2008, 12:32 PM
Hi everyone!

I just want to say upfront before I begin my review of iphoneunlockuk.com, that I felt very compelled to create an account on this site just so I could warn everyone out there about what they would be getting themselves into. If you are even thinking about giving this company your money, I would STRONGLY suggest that you re-evaluate that decision before going through with it. I will be posting this ‘review’ on every site I can find that is related to the iPhone and unlocking/jailbreaking it so that others can be warned! I’m aware that there are some posts ‘here and there’ on various sites about this company already, however I felt that I needed to give a more in-depth review of them (for my sake and for everyone else’s).

I decided to get an iPhone back in January of this year as I just couldn’t pass the phone up, however I wanted to stay with my current carrier (to hell with paying AT&T’s inflated prices and not even getting half of what I get with my current carrier). I knew that I would have to get the phone unlocked if I wanted to use it with my carrier. Let’s admit it, the amount of ‘unlocking sites’ that are on the internet are overwhelming! I don’t know about you guys but speaking for myself (and my family), we have been quite intimidated by all of it and what site to trust (free or pay). If only there was ONE site that everyone could go to, I think it would make a lot of people feel much more at ease with unlocking/jailbreaking the iPhone WITHOUT giving over your hard earned cash! However there really isn’t and unless you want to spend your time searching and digging all over the place and possibly screwing up your phone in my opinion, I felt that the only choice for me (and now the rest of my family) was to pay to get the job done!

After spending months and God knows how many problems trying to find the correct files and instructions on unlocking my iPhone and having nothing but complete failure I decided to give this company (iPhoneunlockuk.com) a try! Their site seemed very legit and friendly and since they said they “stand behind what they offer” and they had a customer service/technical support line number I dove right in!

Now I have to be honest here…my first ‘dealings’ with this company were very pleasant! They responded to E-Mails very promptly and I even had to get assistance by telephone to get my iPhone unlocked & jailbroken. At the time I had Vonage so international calls were free for me so it wasn’t a problem. SINCE that time my husband has also gotten an iPhone and so has our daughter and they both have subscribed to the site (paying the fee to have lifetime unlocks/jailbreaks along with customer service/tech support by E-Mail or phone. I have to say this much…iPhoneunlockuk.com has done a complete ‘360’ on us and from what I’ve heard…MANY other customers as well!

This company is no longer the “friendly company” they claim to be. They no longer “respond to E-mails” or “answer the phone as they claim to do.” Before my Husband and daughter purchased services from iPhoneunlockuk.com, they tried for months to get technical questions answered BEFORE ‘buying an account’ from them. 95% of the time they were unsuccessful at doing so. E-Mails were never returned (both my husband and daughter have COUNTLESS E-Mails in their sent boxes that have been waiting for response for weeks & months now), their phone was never answered and I have yet to see their so called “live support chat” online EVER! It seems it always states it’s “offline” and to “leave a message!” Well we DO “leave a message” but the idiots over at iPhoneunlockuk.com for some reason refuse to reply to them! I once got a very nasty reply by someone over there who informed me that I was “impatient”! “Impatient”??? Waiting THREE WEEKS to get a reply to my E-Mail and then complaining about it is being “IMPATIENT” I ask? Are you kidding me???

They also seem to fail to live up to their promises on what they say they are going to deliver. For example, since iPhone 2.1 was released, they have had a message up on their site stating that “a Windows tool would be delivered to the site by today (Monday September 15, 2008) so that people, who updated their iPhones OS to 2.1, would be able to get Cydia and Installer back onto their phone. Well as I write this it’s now 9:35PM my time and its well into the early morning hours of the 16th (UK time) and there is no “windows tool” posted to the site! This is one of the MANY examples of the promises that this company makes but then they ALWAYS fail to deliver in the end. I also have a pretty good hunch that all the ‘reviews’ you see on the site are probably for the most part, fabricated (made up) just so they can make themselves look good in black and white!

All three of our phones are unlocked by their software, yes that is true. But let me tell you something, you are basically ON YOUR OWN! You pay them for the same software you can get for free (I know were so dumb lol) and then you get ignored by them on top of all of that…even AFTER YOU HAVE PAID!!! So now the three of us sit with fully unlocked/updated iPhones running 2.1 however we are not jailbroken! After Googling we discovered there is a process in which to jailbreak the 2.1 OS however it’s quite a lengthy process and again, we just don’t feel comfortable doing it. So I guess we sit and wait for the “1 click” process they promise to deliver to reinstall Cydia & Installer back onto our phones…whenever that may be is anyone’s guess folks!

So I’ll end this by saying two things…

#1. If you want to played like a violin, hand over your money to these people and then not get the support that is promised be my guest…hey we did it! :)

#2. If anyone here can give us easy instructions on how to get Cydia & Installer back onto our phones, we would so greatly appreciate it!


P.S. Oh and for the people who keep asking on whether or not “Jody” is a man or a woman…he is a man (although not a very HONEST one)!

16th September 2008, 12:44 PM
dycryption does iphone unlocks for a small donation to mactalk. i dont think anyone would bother the site you mentioned

16th September 2008, 12:49 PM
Try this step by step instructions for jailbreaking 2.1 3G/2G iPhone

Jailbreaking iPhone 2.1 3G & 2G (http://www.iphonewiki.com.au/jailbreak-iphone-2-1-3g-2g/)

16th September 2008, 12:58 PM
iphoneunlockuk.com basically puts their own skin over Pwnagetool, which is free. There is no need to pay for their services in the first place and if you are, you are getting scammed...

blog.iphone-dev.org (http://blog.iphone-dev.org/) is all you need.

16th September 2008, 01:01 PM
dycryption does iphone unlocks for a small donation to mactalk. i dont think anyone would bother the site you mentioned

Donations to the EFA (http://www.efa.org.au/support/donations/), not to MacTalk :)

16th September 2008, 01:11 PM
what about jailbraking? i am not comfortable in doing it but i would donate money to a professional to do it for me?

16th September 2008, 01:59 PM
what about jailbraking? i am not comfortable in doing it but i would donate money to a professional to do it for me?

If you'd like me to do that, I can do that too :)

16th September 2008, 02:53 PM
I will be posting this ‘review’ on every site I can find that is related to the iPhone

I think that's called spamming. Why not place it on one site only? If other people find it worthwhile they will then link to it. You may also get more credibility than that obtained from your (probably only) post being a whinge.

NB: I don't own an iPhone or have any connection with any jailbreaking software or related companies.