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9th September 2008, 08:11 PM
Anyone out there who bought a new iPhone(with new number) and are recieveing random calls? Every few days I get calls (haven't managed to pick them up as im always in class) form interstate numbers. There no random numbers either, they end in things like "3200"(thats number has called me on 2 different occasions, 1 week apart) or "2166". I got called by a 1300 number today!! I've rung a few back, but no one answers.
Two days after purchasing the iPhone I recieved a "missed call message" saying i missed a call from a number, which I later googled, and found out it was a very common scam. The funny thing is, my mum also missed a call from the same number a day later, and my account is in no way connected to hers, where even with different telcos!!
I have just put my number on the do not call register, so hopefully that will fix this up.
I had Optus prepaid before and never got a random call. Now, a few days after going on a plan (with a new number) I get all this rubbish!
Anyone having any problems with this? If this doesn't clear up with in 30 days, ill be tlaking to Optus. WTF is going on!!?!?!:thumbdn:

9th September 2008, 11:30 PM
have you set up your voicemail?
usually in the first few days of having it voice mail will ring you to get it set up.