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6th September 2008, 11:07 PM
Ok so since i ordered an iphone 3G 2 days after its launch:

1st iphone: 2 dead pixels (returned)
2nd iphone: 6 stuck pixels (returned)
3rd iphone: 3 stuck pixels (returning soon)

The fourth one they sent me has 2 tiny stuck pixels in the middle of the screen. They are faint and can only be seen in landscape orientation and only when held closer than less than a foot away from face on full brightness. Also the top right top corner of the screen in portrait has backlight leakage 5cms.

Now admittedly if i dont go looking for them and i hold it at a distance the stuck pixels don't bother me that much and the backlight leakage can only be seen at an extreme angle. So for the most part i could probably live with these issues.

The pixels by themselves are not deal breakers but the backlight made me think twice, I have been told by apple that they have a no faulty pixel policy regarding the iphone.

So am I being troublesome sending this one back for yet another replacement?

6th September 2008, 11:10 PM
Return it if you aren't satisfied. Hopefully, you'll get one that works!

As for the stuck pixels:
Fix dead pixel - Killdeadpixel.com (http://killdeadpixel.com)

6th September 2008, 11:11 PM
Hmm....most of them have the light leakage problem, havent seen one without it.
Look at your white one in the dark, and you will see the blacklight shining through the case.
But serious, if its not that bad, dont bother. Chances are the next replacement would be bad aswell. Its not worth the time.

again, just keep it and enjoy it :)

6th September 2008, 11:59 PM
I have only one extremely slight weird pixel on mine. I have to look extremely close, and it's down in the corner. It's my first iPhone to, hopefully your next one will be better, looks like you've had a rough trot.