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5th September 2008, 09:01 PM
Hey guys,

Just got my first iPhone bill. Now I know there have been some problems with Optus billing, but this is strange for me.

I was previously with iSim, prepaid, nothing special.
Recieved an email saying my bill was ready. Charged $166.27

Apparently I had a "Previous Account" of $100.27, according to my bill, and $66 of charges for this month.

That makes sense. $59 cap, $7 payment for iPhone... where the hell did this $100.27 come from?

I'm about to call Optus now, but thought I'd ask.


5th September 2008, 09:04 PM
Data charges.....

More than likely to do with your billing cycle, so when you signed up with the iphone and started using it, your billing cycle for the new contract you signed up on didn't kick in on the day, so its accumulated data charges, in which Optus should credit you back on, its happened with Vodafone and Optus bills for heaps of people, give it time and they will sort it out hopefully....

5th September 2008, 09:04 PM
Part of the extra $100.27 could be from the fact Optus make you pre-pay your post-paid iPhone account (go figure). There could also be a payment for voice-mail which is not included in the cap.

5th September 2008, 09:11 PM
Hey guys, thanks for the info.

matthew858: Nobody had told me this. And optus don't have that in their contract anywhere.

LevMac: not likely. I have wifi at home and work. And I have 3G disabled, there is coverage here, but not enough to maintain a signal if I'm traveling around. So I'd rather stick with GPRS for my needs.

I don't go nuts using my apps & emails when I'm not in my WiFi zones either. Turn off data fetching.

I will give them a call in the morning.

5th September 2008, 09:31 PM
Hrm... just got a .pdf of the bill, instead of the website.
Here's a quick summary

'yes' iPhone $59 Cap
$59 for $350 + 500MB data

Monthly Access $53.64 ($59 exc GST)
Charges Included In Cap $214.32
Charges Above Cap $0.00
Cap Discount $214.32CR

...so that runs back to the $59 cap price...

then below I have a charge for $6.36 (ex GST) for the iPhone repayments
and $81.41CR for Unlimited MobInternet Offer. Which is the "first month free" thing they had going.

Everything in my bill comes down to those prices. It's itemised on the bill...

But I still get the $100.27 "Previous Account", as if this is the 2nd month, and I'm being charged interest.

If I had gone over my cap, and it was my own fault... fair enough. But this is their cockup. grr!

6th September 2008, 12:22 PM
OK So I got this sorted out. I was seeing my 2nd bill. Optus had never sent me the first, in paper form, or online.

They charged me for the first month, and a month in advance. Now on my 2nd bill... another month.
So essentially I'm in my 2nd month of usage, paying for my 3rd..

rather... they charged me for the remainder of the first month, and 1 months worth.

Keeping myself in credit, apparently. Would have been nice if they had told me.