View Full Version : Telstra Speed of EDGE network seems very slow.

1st September 2008, 02:34 PM
Just wondering what types of speed people are getting on the Telstra EDGE network.
I noticed that my 1st Generation was downloading things pretty slowly over the last couple of days. When I performed the speedtest on Oz Broadband Speed Test - Welcome (http://www.ozspeedtest.com) it showed that I was only getting 4KB/s.
At the beginning of August, the EDGE speeds seemed to be close to what my wife is currently getting on 3G (see below).

I tested my wife's iPhone 3G on 3G (156KB/s) and then with 3G turned off and she got 3KB/s (very close to what my 1st generation iPhone gives me). This seems pretty shit for EDGE speeds, and would appear to just be GPRS.

Just wondering if there is anyone else out there with Telstra, and what type of speeds they are getting on EDGE. My test was performed in Caulfield, which should have pretty good coverage.

1st September 2008, 02:55 PM
I just switched to EDGE and got 112kbps and 14KB/s. Am in Melb CBD. Back on 3G I got 744kbps and 93KB/s (not that great in itself).