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30th August 2008, 12:04 PM
Hi folks,

I have a Pioneer DEH-P7850BT unit in my car. When I try to pair the iPhone to it, I have to do it manually each time I start the car. Is this a typical fault with this unit, or am I doing something wrong?

Please help!


30th August 2008, 12:28 PM
I have a lower model Pioneer with Bluetooth. From memory there was a setting in the Pioneer menu where I could allocate 3 phones that automatically pair. I am sure it will be something similar on yours and can be done.

Let me know if you dont work it out and i will look through my manual and give exact details.


30th August 2008, 05:00 PM
I have the same problem with a DEH-9850BT. The iPhone is setup as one of the 'favorite' phones i n the headunit, but they will not auto connect when the headunit powers up. I have to manually initiate the connection. This is despite having the 'Auto Connect' menu set to yes in the headunit.

I've had problems with Sony Ericsson phones and the headunit autoconnecting. My last Nokia, the 6300 exhibited no problems and would auto connect everytime.

The auto connect issue may in part be due to the iPhone not being discoverable via bluetooth unless the Bluetooth control panel is open. Another factor may be that even when the iPhone is discoverable a 'search and connect' on the headunit will not find the iPhone.

When pairing other phones i'd normally initiate the pairing from the headunit theough the 'search and connect' menu.

Googling on Pioneer headunits and iPhones doesn't shed any light as to why this doesn't work so well other than many people are experiencing problems with Pioneer headunits and iPhones.

12th October 2008, 10:44 PM
I just bought a Pioneer DEH-P65BT and I had the same Pairing issue with my iPhone 3G yet my Sony TMR-B9iP A2DP transmitter would instantly pair without any intervention.

I managed to solve the iPhone 3G problem by Registering Phone to a Blank "NO DATA" slot of P2 or P3, NOT P1 which is manual only. :mad:
Go TELEPHONE -> FUNCTION -> Press Center -> Rotate to SET PHONE -> Push UP or DOWN for "P2 NO DATA" -> Press Center for "REG COMPLETED". :thumbup:

With Pioneer TELEPHONE FUNCTION "AUTO CONNECT: ON" my iPhone 3G always connects to my Pioneer Deck as soon as it has power and my iPhone is in Bluetooth range. I soon see my Signal strength and Battery level show on Ignition On or Accessory Power on, even if the Pioneer Deck is set for Tuner Audio Source etc! :cool:
If the Pioneer was last left in BT AUDIO mode and I have my Sony TMR-BT8iP adapter in, the iPhone 3G releases Pause and plays current Podcast or Song - whatever mode the iPhone itself, was last left in.

I also found the Kensington 4-IN-1 iPod 12v adapter excellent as the USB iPod cable is a piggy-back pass-through that allows me to Connect the Sony TMR-BT8iP A2DP adapter into the charging cable at the same time. I can the charge my iPhone 3G and also transmit Bluetooth A2DP to the Pioneer Deck on longer trips. Note, the Kensington 4-IN-1 12v Charger cable works with iTunes (v8.0.1 at least) doing all the normal Sync stuff as well - Not just power-charging via USB! :D

12th October 2008, 11:16 PM
Would people recommend this headunit. I am looking for one to use with my iPhone

5th October 2009, 05:10 AM
I was so happy to find this thread, but after trying to follow Foxnolds directions for 2 hours, no luck. It still won't recognize my iPhone without me manually adding it. In sum, it won't let me connect as P2 or P3. I accidentally added as G2, which I though would work. Now I can't remove from G2 and add to P2, and not sure that will work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Scott Jordan

8th November 2009, 12:42 AM
I have the Pioneer DEH-P800BT and I haven't had problems connecting. Simply followed the instructions in the manual and worked fine. What I have noticed after the 3.1 software is that the quality of the calls is diminished when using the bluetooth. Prior to the firmware upgrade there was no issues with either Iphone 3g or 3gs. Both connected without issue and both had crystal clear sound. After 3.1 I have noticed problems occuring between a 10 second to 30 second interval where the quality of sound on both ends of the call is very static affected and can be difficult to hear/talk for upto 10 seconds. This can be alleviated by switching to speakerphone... but that defeats the purpose of having the bluetooth. This occurs irrespective of whether wifi is on or off and irrespective of 3g being on or off. Has anyone else had this problem or even better a soloution?

8th November 2009, 07:56 AM
Are these Pioneer units Bluetooth 1.0 or Bluetooth 2.0 or even 2.1?
I can't find anything on their spec sheets.

The non-pairing issue is characteristic of a Bluetooth 2.0 or higherdevice (your iPhone) attempting to connect to a Bluetooth 1.0 device. They will pair, but the autoconnect doesn't work.