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13th May 2004, 04:37 PM
Hi all,

I decided a couple of weeks ago to buy myself an xbox as I wanted to play V8 Supercars and with the hardware on these machines so cheap it was a good time to buy.

Any to cut a long story short. I ended up stuffing up my xbox mod to get make it able to run with a larger hard drive and in my research stumbled up this little gem of a program

Xbox MediaCenter (XBMC)

Basically XBMC replaces the regular Xbox dashboard with its own version. The good thing about this though is that it lets you run backup games from the harddrive directly, support screen modes up to 1080i and even has built in RSS newsfeeds and realtime weather applications bulit in.

Now what really got me excited was the ability to stream video, pictures and audio across a network. I found out I could install a SAMBA server on my 17inch powerbook have the xbox point to my itunes music librarys. This means my Mac can sit in the other room while I listen to music, watch videos etc on my couch.

How cool is that!!

Has anyone else played with this program?



14th May 2004, 10:56 AM
Not to steal your thunder or anything, but couldn't you have watched videos and listened to music from your Mac on your couch anyway considering you've a PowerBook?

14th May 2004, 11:07 AM
The XBox is a rather cool little box, for $249 it can do lots of things besides play videogames :)

14th May 2004, 12:12 PM
I've got an xbox too but surprisingly it's not modded. Thought about doing it but haven't got around to it and i don't have any real reasons to do so. If you interested in playing xbox live, go to www.aussiexbox.net for an aussie xbl community. Nowadays i don't even play the xbox that much, if i'm lucky bout once a month, just don't seem to have time to play....waste of my year subscription to live :(

14th May 2004, 02:39 PM
Well, I have an unmodded Xbox, and I bought Monster Cables (for High Definition and optical) sounds. The tricky thing is to get those Monster Cables...
Since Microsoft AU discontinued the HD pack, I had to get it from overseas...
And I ended up spending more than 1 month searching for Monster Cables.

Haven't touched my Xbox for ages..., just sitting there. My Xbox is now my ugly DVD player.