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4th August 2008, 10:39 PM
Hey guys. I've unlocked my iPhone 3G (paid $150 to telstra), and I'm using SavvyTel prepaid sim instead, and it works fine (it connects to the vodafone au network) for the past 4 days, until today.

But in a matter of 4 days, $60 worth of value is now just $0.12 and I have no idea why.

I had 3G off, turned off Data roaming, there's no other network settings hence no APN settings (even if there were, I emptied them previously on my Telstra sim). Did all this way before I got my prepaid Savvytel sim.

Besides, to have GPRS with Savvytel, you gotta activate it with them first. So I'm dumbfounded as to where my 60 bucks went.

The top left of my screen shows "vodafone au" and a blue square with a dot in it (i think it means GPRS). I've never tried downloading anything without first turning on WiFi.

And if I do unintentionally, it simply tells me there's no connection and doesn't download anything.

My Settings > Network reads:
Enable 3G: OFF
Data Roaming: OFF
VPN: Not Connected (I have my calendars set up with Nuevasync which i use over WiFi occasionally)
Wifi: OFF

There's nothing else in my Network settings.

So what happened and how do i turn off GPRS (to remove the blue square with a dot).

You guys think I have any chance of getting my 60 bucks back? I didn't activate GPRS and it doesnt work anyway - no data downloaded via GPRS.

Everything that could be turned off was already off.

4th August 2008, 10:41 PM
The one big thing you've got to fear by going outside the provided iPhone plans, is that there seems (please feel free to correct me on this folks), but there seems to be a constant net connection.. maybe with the iPhone plans it's different as it will only read the amount of data used.. whereas other carriers/plans have it so that even if there's a net connection of sorts, the timer clocks on...

I could be wrong of course :)

4th August 2008, 10:44 PM
Have you tried SavvyTel? Surely they will have some records if you ask. Especially if you suggest you will take your business elsewhere.

4th August 2008, 10:49 PM
lol this happened to me too. i stuck my sim back in on my motorola and i said i never used the internet and got my credit back.

But i had this problem occuring as well even thoough i was using wi-fi any solutions?

4th August 2008, 10:52 PM
Yea I dropped them an email. No response yet.

Thing is, I have no Cellular Data Network settings under my Network settings. Doesn't that mean no data downloads then?

I mean, nothing downloads without WiFi on anyway. So they took 60 bucks from me even when the GPRS doesn't work?

Argh. Anyone using Savvytel here on the iPhone 3G?

5th August 2008, 01:20 AM
I suggest you talk to your carrier and get them to bar GPRS/data usage.

I was stung with $60-80 when I first got my iPhone too.

No data on my account now. I simply use WiFi. Even if you turn off all the settings etc, it does somehow sneak a connection out. Yes, I have tried a lot of things and the only way to truly ensure that it is not sending any data is if you are able to set your own APN or if you can't do this, you'll have to talk to the carrier and get them to stop GPRS/3G data.

5th August 2008, 01:57 AM
Thanks Huy. I'll call Savvytel tomorrow and hopefully be able to get my $60 back.

But do you (or anyone else) think that it's possible for Savvytel - being a small-bit telco - to make sure they cut off GPRS/data services for my line?

Cos I wasn't supposed to have GPRS data access in the first place anyway cos it needed to be activated, which I didn't.

5th August 2008, 02:13 AM
Call them up. They should be able to do it.

For me (Vodafone), GPRS is a "premium" service which is not part of my ordinary account balance (I'm prepaid too).

But for some reason, I am still able to use this service if I have an iPhone or get it working - of course, Vodafone allows me to do this and it was not until I specifically requested a GPRS bar, that it had stopped.

I ran up a $10-15 bill on my iPhone 3G, just because it was doing things in the background (I made a big post about it before, but it's too far into the past to find).

Basically same settings as you.
Everything was OFF, set to Manual, no 3G, etc. Still did some data transfers - check with Settings > General > Usage.

Good luck, give them a ring and plead your case (that you can't afford expensive data, etc, block your data plan/usage if you need to). I doubt you will be given your money back. :(

5th August 2008, 10:51 AM
Thanks Huy. Just one more question though.

After you got them to bar all GPRS/Data services on your sim, did the blue square with a dot in it (top left of your screen) disappear?

Just wanna know whether there'd be any visual indication that there's no GPRS after the telco did a GPRS bar.

5th August 2008, 06:11 PM
Well an update. Called Savvytel and they said they'd have to check my call records first. And that they'll email my call records to me.

What happens next depends on what's in my call records.

I was repeatedly asked whether I used "premium sms services". I didn't. Was also asked whether I activated GPRS (Nope).

So... my argument is why am I being charged for GPRS (assuming that it's the reason my $60 value was depleted in 4 days) when I did not activate it in the first place.

Think it'll fly?

6th August 2008, 12:55 AM
There is usually no need to 'activate' GPRS.

This is enabled by default by the carrier.

Your SIM has this connection information stored on it.

So what probably happened was this:
You had a non-iPhone. It never used any data because it was ignorant of the config details on the SIM. Or something!

Then you got an iPhone. iPhone picked up the settings and started using it.

I think that's how it would work - of course it is just a guess.

But the iPhone is a smart cookie and knows APN settings etc even if you can't view them. That's the same thing that happened to me. There was no need to enable anything or talk to my carrier, as the carrier is constantly pushing out data to you/transmitting.

Hope you get it sorted out.

Otherwise, just tell them to bar it and top up with prepaid $30 or something and take this as a lesson learned.

6th August 2008, 11:18 AM
sounds like you guys would be better on the Optus Prepaid Turbocharge plans. I'm on that and having no issues at all. Of course depends on your budget but the $50 recharge seems more than enough.

6th August 2008, 02:55 PM
sounds like you guys would be better on the Optus Prepaid Turbocharge plans. I'm on that and having no issues at all. Of course depends on your budget but the $50 recharge seems more than enough.

Yeah, would love to swtich to Optus prepaid, but the thing about Optus prepaid (and the ones for other big telcos) is that the value expires in 30 days. Savvytel's never expires. I don't even use up $30 in a month, much less 50.

Anyway, an update.

I finally got my call records and it showed that my 60 bucks was used up my GPRS. No surprise there. cept that the GPRS never really worked for me as far as I know from the times I accidentally hit on Safari before turning on WiFi.

Called Savvytel. They refused to give me my $60 back - or any other amount. They also said they weren't sure whether it was possible to bar GPRS/Data services from my sim, saying that "it can only be done on [my] phone".

I shot off an email to another guy at Savvytel, virtually begging them to give me my damn 60 bucks back. I don't know. I'm a little sore about it. Not really about the money (tho I'm a student and it doesn't come easy), but i also feel that I shouldn't be charged for something I didn't use AND didn't activate.

GPRS supposed to be an activated service. I didn't activate it, so why am I being charged for it? And even if i did try to use it (which I didn't, intentionally), it doesn't work. So wtf Savvytel?!

6th August 2008, 03:04 PM
Barring of GPRS is definitely done by the carrier... if they have the ability to provide GPRS as a service then they also have the ability to bar it. For a small telco, they aren't doing much to win customers. Have you tried speaking to someone a little more in charge? Maybe a supervisor or such? It's possible the call centre staff you talk to don't understand the services all that well...

Threaten to take your number to another telco unless they bar GPRS and refund some of your cash: if they don't do anything, they aren't worth sticking with.

6th August 2008, 03:26 PM
The wife uses Savvytel. Try mark@savvytel.com.au who may/may not be the owner.

I suppose TIO?

Because their own website says

To activate WAP GPRS, please contact us our Customer Care Team.

Contact us requesting the WAP GPRS service to be activated, telling us the make and model of your mobile phone.
Please note it may take up to 24 hours for your WAP GPRS service to be provided by us.

Savvytel - Best of Mobile, Best of Best Mobile, Prepaid Mobile Deals - Phone cards - Call Credits never expire - Real Value - Always (http://www.savvytel.com.au/faq_gprs.aspx)

5th September 2008, 02:45 PM
Don't mean to revive an old thread, but i finally sorted out things with Savvytel. So if anybody's interested...

I went through the TIO who gave me number to some customer service head honcho. Called that guy and they agreed to reinstate half the credit used by GPRS. They said that the GPRS activation FAQ on their website actually meant that GPRS is a basic service, though I have no idea how that came across from what they wrote. They said it's not, as what I suggested, "misinformation".

Anyhoo, I was using my Samsung D600 during the days that my credits were depleted. It was only after I realised i had no credit left that I switched to my iPhone and bought more credits from Savvytel.

Still trying to figure out what made my D600 access GPRS data.

All in all a time-consuming process but at least it turned out okay. Gotta make sure I bar GPRS if there's a next time.