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20th April 2005, 11:36 AM
Hey all,

I've been through one power adaptor already, and last night my second one began to spark. :/
Has anyone else had an issue with their powerbook power adaptors? My first one came with my powerbook in 2003, and the rubber 'hold' broke off the plug part which allowed the cable to wriggle free from the plug over time. Once it started to smoke, i figured it was time for a new one... I tried getting this one replaced on warranty - but was told that it was my fault for "unplugging it wrong". FYI: I know not to unplug any cable by pulling on the cable itself. This cable had just worn away.

The second one I got (for the outrageous price of $179! They've gone down to $129 now, but still!) seemed much more sturdy than the first - which showed that apple had acknowledged the problem of flimsy power adaptors by redesigning them. The connections on both end of the thinner cable are more reinforced with the newer adaptors. I thought this one would last forever since they'd made the effort to improve the build quality.
Its been just over 1 year - and i've had my first spark. The power adaptor itself cuts out (its a safety feature of the apple power adaptors) and i have to replug it in to make it switch on again. This one has the same issue that the first one did - the rubber that is supposed to be supporting the cable has slid back from the plug, which leaves the cable with more moveability which in turn ends up weakening the connection.

I take my laptop to work with me every day - so my power cable gets packed up and unpacked 4 times per day (home and work). I'm hoping that isn't the reason for the breakages - since my powerbook is listed on apple's site as a "portable". I've attached a pic to show what the 2 cables look like. the first one is the one that isn't plugged in.

I'll probably be posting a "Wanted To Buy" thread soon for a new power adaptor, since i really don't have the funds to go out and buy one new.

20th April 2005, 11:44 AM
havent had it with the brick supply but i had it with a yoyo once.
its covered under warrenty if you push hard enough.but if its over 1 year old as you say then its out anyway.

22nd April 2005, 10:05 AM
OK. last night at about 1am my power adaptor carked it. Smoke was coming out of the connection, and i can't get any charge through it all. I'm typing this on a whopping Sattelite Pro 4300 and gee wizz is it stressful.

My work wont pay for another one - which does shit me considering that i use the powerbook as a primary work computer. So today i'm desperate: If anyone has a power adaptor sitting around in adelaide that they wont need for the weekend and i could grab today can you please let me know? Otherwise i'm without mac for a weekend. :/

22nd April 2005, 10:32 AM

Unfortunately I can't help you disko, don't have a spare either.

That said, my powerbook's connection is loose and the light sometimes flashes orange, green and off when it's moved. Makes me pretty nervous!

22nd April 2005, 12:23 PM
Damn. Sorry to hear about this Disko. Mine is starting to wear out in the little groove in the rubber closest to where it plugs in. :S Also, I have noticed that the LED indicator (which normally goes Orange when charging, Green when fully charged) will sometimes go a dark red/orange colour intermittently, if it is wobbled or knocked. I doubt that this is a good thing. :P